What to Know

  • Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and his wife woke up to find their front lawn in Mattituck vandalized

  • It appears that a sign supporting a Democratic candidate for Congress is what set off the graffiti

  • The messages showed a cross, a Jewish star, and the words "Trump," "Go home" and "Cuomo = Death to America"

A political sign for a congressional candidate on Long Island was defaced Sunday with a spray-painted swastika, the campaign said.

The sign for Perry Gershon, the Democrat challenger for Congress, was in a yard in on Nicolls Road in Stony Brook.

Gershon and the Republican incumbent, Rep. Lee Zeldin, are both Jewish.

Photo credit: Perry Gershon campaign

Zeldin's campaign downplayed the vandalism in an interview with Newsday and suggested Gershon's campaign may have defaced their own signs to get attention.

Gershon responded: "I think he's trying to incite, as opposed to calm, and it's inappropriate and it's disgusting for a fellow Jew to do that. "

It's not the first time Gershon's signs have been defaced. On Monday, dozens of his signs in Patchogue were spray-painted with the phrases "gay lover" and "baby killer," Newsday reported.

In August, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio said his Mattituck home was targeted by vandals because of a Gershon sign in his front yard. The graffiti included a cross, a Jewish star and his wife's name, along with the words "Trump," "Go home" and "Cuomo = Death to America."

This was in response for putting a @perrygershon yard sign up. What say you @leezeldin also my wifes name a cross and a Jewish Star

— Tom Colicchio (@tomcolicchio) August 21, 2018