Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: January 15, 2018 12:07 am Salman Khan announced Shilpa Shinde as the winner of Bigg Boss 11.

Colors TV’s most loved show Bigg Boss 11 ended on Sunday. While Puneesh Sharma was the first finalist to be eliminated, Akshay Kumar evicted Vikas Gupta. It all came down to Hina Khan and Shlipa Shinde. After a tense few moments, Bigg Boss 11 host Salman Khan announced Shilpa Shinde as the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa took home Rs 44 lakh and the Bigg Boss 11 trophy. In the finale episode, we also saw Akshay Kumar promoting his upcoming film PadMan. Arshi Khan, Hiten Tejwani, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi and many others were seen voicing their opinion on who should win BB11 and a few contestants entertained with their acts.

Read all the highlights from the finale of Bigg Boss 11:

11:40 pm: Salman Khan takes a leave from the audience with a promise to meet them again after eight months.

11:38 pm: Salman Khan hands over the winner’s trophy to Shilpa. Hina Khan ends up as the first runner-up and she visibly looks upset.

11:36 pm: Going by the total number of votes, it is Shilpa Shinde who has won the show.

11:33 pm: Salman Khan is back from the break to announce the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Will it be Hina Khan or Shilpa Shinde?

11:27 pm: Salman Khan builds up the tension around the name of the winner.

11:21 pm: Voting lines are now closed. Salman asked Hina and Shilpa how do they feel about the love they got during their stay inside the house. He asks Hina’s mother what does she feel whether her daughter will win or not and she says Hina will definitely win. Shilpa’s mother says she will be happy with whoever will win the show. The ex-contestants support Shilpa more.

11:18 pm: Bigg Boss now tells Hina and Shilpa to walk out of the house after switching off the lights and wishes them luck for their life outside the Bigg Boss 11 house.

11:16 pm: Salman takes the audience back inside the house to introduce them to the two finalists Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. Bigg Boss makes both Hina and Shilpa nostalgic as he speaks about what good and bad they did during their stay inside the house.

11:11 pm: Salman narrates the journey of Hina Khan and says she never wore a dress twice in the house. Hina Khan performs with Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi.

11:09 pm: Vikas comes on the stage and says he wanted to come out of the house now. On being asked by Akshay who does he thinks should win the show, Vikas takes Shilpa’s name as she has played the game beautifully. Salman teases Vikas with Shilpa’s name. It’s time for Akshay to take a leave from Salman Khan.

11:08 pm: Akshay leaves the house with Vikas Gupta. Shilpa bids adieu to Vikas by saying, “Gupta Ji tussi na jao.” Salman now tells the audience the live voting will be for Hina and Shilpa and announces the voting lines open for both of them.

11:05 pm: Hina, Shilpa and Vikas speak about their journey inside the house for the last time. Now Akshay presses the button placed in front of Hina Khan. But her effigy doesn’t blow up and she becomes the first one to enter the top two. Next, he presses the button in front of Vikas and his effigy blows up which means he is evicted and Shilpa is the next in the top two finalists.

10:51 pm: Akshay Kumar enters the house to evict the next contender for the winner’s trophy. He interacts with the three finalists and tells them how popular they are in the outside world. He tells Vikas, Hina and Shilpa that whosoever’s effigy will burn on pressing the button placed in front of them will be ousted from the race of the winner of Bigg Boss 11.

10:46 pm: Before Akshay Kumar enters the house, Salman shows Shilpa and Vikas’ story in a musical performance where both of them dances on the song. “Mai Teri Dushman, Dushman Tu Mera”, “Emotional Atyachaar” and other popular songs.

10:43 pm: Akshay gets into his character of PadMan and teaches people how to make a sanitary pad.

10:41 pm: Akshay introduces the viewers to the story of his upcoming release PadMan. He narrates the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham who introduced a simple machine to make cheap sanitary napkins.

10:39 pm: Sapna Choudhary requests Salman and Akshay to dance with her on Mujhse Shaadi Karogi title track. The two actors agree and the trio give a beautiful performance.

10:38 pm: Akshay’s next prop is a boxer and Akshay calls Akash Dadlani to take it. Akash forcefully hugs Salman Khan. Akash wears the boxer on his pants and Salman makes faces as Akash again hugs him.

10:33 pm: Salman addresses Akshay as a superhero who has come to promote PadMan. Salman plays a task with Akshay where he has to perform on the basis of the props given to him. The first prop is a scooter. Salman calls Dhinchak Pooja on the stage to perform on her song “Scooter” along with him and Akshay while riding on a scooter. Salman asks Dhinchak to sing another song “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj”. Akshay enjoys as Dhinchak Pooja sings. She goes on to sing “Afreen Toh Bewafa Hai” yet again.

10:29 pm: Salman Khan welcomes PadMan actor Akshay Kumar on stage. Both the actors enter the stage on bicycles.

10:28 pm: The cast of the Belan Vali Bahu now comes to meet Salman and promote their show. Krystle D’Souza recreates the popular scene from the film Dabangg which says “Thappad Se Dar Nahi Lagta Belan Se Lagta Hai.”

10:25 pm: Salman now invites the cast of Belan Vali Bahu, the new TV show of channel Colors. The cast enters the house and meets the finalists. Krystle D’Souza tells Vikas to talk about bad qualities of Hina and Shilpa. Hina also says that Vikas has a bad habit of feeling bad about each and everything.

10:22 pm: Hiten joins Arshi in her performance and both of them shake a leg on a song from the film Shootout At Wadala. In the end, Hiten urges Bigg Boss to save him from Arshi.

10:20 pm: Salman Khan is back to the Bigg Boss 11 stage and he talks about the fights of Hiten and Arshi. Hiten tells Arshi that Arshi came so far in the game because of him and she never opened her eyes to the fact that he was not interested in her. Arshi says that she will fix her name between Hiten and Gauri. All of it happens in good humour. Salman says the world will remember the love story of Hiten and Arshi and also of Puneesh and Bandgi. Next, we see Puneesh and Bandgi performing on “Tip Tip Barsa Paani.” Arshi Khan performs on “Laila Main Laila” from the film Raees.

10:16 pm: Diljeet Dosanjh praises the contestants of Rising Star as they get 94% votes for their performance. Monali Thakur and Shankar Mahadevan agree with the Punjabi superstar. Salman Khan also praises the singing talent of the contestants.

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10:11 pm: Salman Khan shows the teaser of Rising Star and says he will check in to vote for the contestants of the show. The first lot of contestants of the show perform as India checks in to vote for them.

9:56 pm: Diljeet Dosanjh, Shankar Mahadevan and Monali Thakur talk about Rising Star. Salman praises Diljeet for his song “Do You Know” and Diljeet thanks him by singing the song for him.

9:54 pm: It’s time to promote Colors’ latest reality show Rising Star. Ravi Dubey who will be hosting the singing reality show requests Salman to promote the show. The viewers are shown the moment when Salman promoted Rising Star while hosting Weekend Ka Vaar.

9:52 pm: Salman now announces the release date of Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial Padmaavat starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. He shows the trailer for the movie with the changed title.

9.49 pm: Salman creates suspense on who should be evicted first from the house. He tells them that a family member of one of the four finalists will enter the house and bring the one out who has got minimum votes. Salman says this is the moment when nobody wants their family member inside the house. It is Puneesh’s mother who enters the house which means Puneesh is evicted. Salman says he is out from the race of being in the top two finalists.

puneesh sharma evicted from bigg boss 11 Puneesh Sharma is out of Bigg Boss 11.

9:46 pm: Salman again takes a dig at Akash Dadlani as he says God has done the right thing. Salman now introduces the briefcase which is lying there in the garden area. He asks Hina what does she think about it since she keeps claiming she knows it all about the game. Salman reveals that briefcase has nothing but the votes which Luv counted wrong and later reveals he is just joking about it.

9:43 pm: Akash is asked who will walk out first and who will be in the top two contenders. He says Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will the top two finalists. Salman asks the four finalists who should walk out of the house first, Vikas says they are no one to decide as all four deserves to win equally and on being prodded further, he says Puneesh might go. Shilpa says she wants Hina to be out as she is a competitor. Puneesh takes Vikas’ name and Hina also thinks Puneesh will be evicted from the house first.

9:39 pm: Akash Dadlani performs for the viewers. He sings a rap which goes like, “Yeh Bigg Boss Ka Ghar Hai..”.

9:38 pm: Salman asks Dhinchak Pooja to sing and she sings her song “Afreen Toh Bewafaa Hai” and then Salman asks her to replace Afreen with Arshi and then sing. All are seen laughing out loud as Dhinchak Pooja sang. Next, Priyank supports Vikas and Salman teases Hina by singing, “Priyank toh bewafaa hai.” Luv is aksed whose votes will he like to change and he says since Hina is a friend, he wants her to win but chances of Shilpa winning are more.

9:35 pm: The finalists are excited to meet the evicted contestants. Hiten Tejwani says he would have liked it if he would have been sitting at Puneesh’s place. Puneesh retorts by saying that Hiten has always hated him. Arshi takes it ahead by saying that either Hiten, Arshi, Sapna or Akash should have been at Puneesh’s place.

9:32 pm: Shilpa thanks her fans for voting for her even after being a bad singer and on Salman’s insistence once again sings the Lohri song for the viewers.

9:31 pm: Vikas says Shilpa has transformed a lot in the 104 days inside the house. She knows how to tackle difficult situations better. When Salman asks how Vikas has changed, she says that he has started understanding her and has also got more mature. Salman asks Hina if she wants to sing for the viewers and she sings, “Yun Hi Kat Jaayega Safar.”

9:28 pm: Hina Khan talks about her journey in the house with Salman and says she is grateful that she came so far in the game. Salman also tells Vikas that ‘Gupta Ji’ has become a household name now. Vikas tells Salman that he likes writing and he will be writing more good content after coming out. Now Puneesh says that he is waiting for the money bag so that he can walk away at least with the money if not the title of the winner. Salman gives a glimpse of the winner trophy.

9:25 pm: Salman Khan meets all the four finalists. He compliments all of them and says except for Akash everyone is looking great. He tells the finalists that they will be overwhelmed with the love they will receive when they will walk out of the house. Shilpa Shinde is told about her popularity as Salman tells her that the fraternity which banned her from acting in TV shows will be forced to cast her because of the love of her fans.

9:22 pm: The finalists are shown the celebrities who are supporting them. After hearing them all, it seems it is only Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde who everyone is rooting for.

9:19 pm: Salman takes the viewers inside the house, where Bigg Boss is heard talking to the four finalists Hina, Shilpa, Vikas and Puneesh. Bigg Boss gives an account of the journey of the show and tells them that their journey has become a past now. He makes them emotional by saying that the house where they spent three months will be left empty without them. He then asks them to celebrate their win and raise a toast for coming till the finale of the show.

9:16 pm: Luv is asked how many votes did he actually get in the live voting task in which he was ousted from the house. He accepts he might have given the wrong number of votes because of nervousness. Akash is asked if he is feeling bad about missing the trophy by an inch.

9:15 pm: Salman tells Akash to be careful of what he says as there are kids in the audience. He jokes about hitting Akash as he is not even in the house now. Salman asks evicted contestants whom they are supporting. Bandgi is supporting Puneesh and then Vikas and Shilpa, Priyank wants either Vikas or Hina to win and Benafsha whom Salman addresses as “Priyank Ki Behen” wants Shilpa to win.

9:12 pm: Dabangg Khan takes a jibe at Akash Dadlani and asks if he got a good beating from his mother when he returned home. Salman says this season gave viewers some catchphrases like #KhelGaye. Now he gives every story of Bigg Boss 11 house a title of his film, Puneesh and Bandgi’s love story gets the title of Maine Pyar Kiya and Hina, Priyank and Luv get the title Bodyguard where Priyank and Luv pose as Hina’s bodyguard.

9:09 pm: Salman takes back the audience to October 1 when the show premiered. He says the votes are still being counted and soon the winner will be announced. Salman thank the viewers for making the show a success. The other surprise comes when he announces that the fans will get to vote for their favourite contestant yet again in the live voting.

9:07 pm: All the four finalists join Salman in the performance and strike a pose with the host of the show. Salman now enters the stage and gets a standing ovation from the evicted contestants of the show. Salman begins by wishing the viewers a Happy Lohri, Makarsakranti and Pongal.

9:05 pm: Hina Khan joins Salman. Next is Vikas Gupta. Shilpa and Puneesh follow as Salman introduces them with the dialogues of his superhit movies.

9:04 pm: Salman Khan enters the stage in his patent style as he echoes his dialogue, ‘Never underestimate I, Me and Myself.’ He performs on Tiger Zinda Hai song “Swag se Swagat.”

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