10 big theories reveal Graham and Joe's secrets in Emmerdale?
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They are two of soap’s most intriguing characters of all time – and, as a double act, Emmerdale’s Joe Tate and Graham Foster have a unique and electrifying dynamic rarely seen in the genre. With back stories shrouded in mystery, fans have been eager to learn more about what shaped these two very different men – and what makes them so reliant on one another.

A few hints have been dropped which have lent themselves to massive fan theories so, ahead of an imminent confession from Graham about his past, we have rounded up the most intriguing theories both about their secrets and what could be about to happen next.

Which of these are you buying?

Graham lost his family

We know that Graham is a man who has lost a lot – Joe said as much when they clashed recently at Home Farm and it was indicated that Graham blames himself. Did the troubled henchman previously have a family – and has he lost them in tragic circumstances?

And, if so, could his fear of losing the only person close enough to a relative drive him to be a very dangerous individual?

Joe saved Graham’s life

Graham takes down Joseph Tate in Emmerdale
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Graham certainly acts in a weirdly paternal way around Joe – but as well as being his guidance and being tough on him, he also acts as a member of staff to Joe, paid often to do menial tasks which involve getting his hands dirty.

It’s a very strange relationship and the imbalance of power means that, in different ways, both men are in the driving seat. But it feels like Graham must owe a great debt to Joe – has Joe potentially done something huge such as saving his life which has led to Graham ending up in his service?

Graham and Joe covered up a murder

Both of these men clearly have dangerous sides – and Joe, for one, certainly lacks morals. So does their past tie them together? During a clash, it became clear that they both have dirt on one another that could bring them down – so do they actually share the same secret?

In their past, have they committed a crime which they both had to cover up – something which eternally tied them together?

Joe still loves Debbie

Joe discovers the truth about the acid attack in Emmerdale
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Joe’s motivation for his actions so far has been taking revenge on anyone he feels wronged his family – while Charity was the main target, this led to Debbie being caught in the crossfire in no small way. But during his relationship with Debbie, there were several hints that Joe’s feelings may have been genuine.

For a villain to have longevity, he needs to have a human side too – will Debbie be his Achille’s heel? And if their relationship is revisited, might this complicated things beyond measure?

Graham will turn on Joe

Graham has made it clear that he doesn’t approve of innocent people being hurt and while he has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with when someone does deserve payback, Joe’s spiteful actions have started to irritate him.

The fact that Ross got badly injured as part of a feud that had little to do with him has upset Graham – and if Joe continues to disregard the feelings of those who have done him no harm, might Graham be forced to teach him a lesson he won’t forget?

Graham has a military or spy past

This is a guy who knew immediately what to do in the event of an acid attack – and he made pretty short work of Simon when he broke into Home Farm. During another memorable moment, he single handedly took down three thuggish builders and pulled two kids out of rubble – allowing Eric Pollard to then take the credit for it all.

The guy is an action man – and clearly has some kind of training and background in combat. Could he be an army or SAS man – or even a spy of some kind?

Joe will get it on with Rebecca

This pair have crossed paths a couple of times now and in a rare moment of tenderness, Joe reached out to help Rebecca when she first emerged from hospital after the crash. They come face to face again and Rebecca ends up attacking him, leading to her arrest.

But many soap couples start out at loggerheads – and Joe hasn’t had a romantic love interest outside of Debbie. Could he be set to work his charm on Rebecca? And might her returning to Home Farm be the key to remembering the truth about Lachlan?

Joe IS Graham

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Another intriguing theory is that Graham is an extension of Joe’s personality – with some viewers speculating that Joe has a split personality disorder and Graham is a result of his more moral side. However, we have seen both men in the room together and people do interact with them both at once – and the scene which saw them jump into action to help Ross after the acid attack pretty much rules this theory out.

Still, it isn’t the most out there suggestion…

Graham is a ghost

Graham seems to always apparate at the right moments and his sinister edge has left people wondering if, uhh, he is actually not part of the living. But while Graham does seem to have a knack for quietly emerging out of the shadows, the fact that everyone can see him in Emmerdale probably means that there isn’t much to this.

Still, ghost Graham has the makings of an epic spin-off.

Graham and Joe are superheroes

Joe is a dark and brooding, attractive man with a tortured past and Graham has more martial arts moves than you can shake a stick at – these two have all of the qualities and traits needed to be a very intriguing superhero double act.

Forget Batman and Robin – we’d totally be up for the Adventures of Foster and Tate.

One theory we can guarantee is NOT true

Yes, Graham Foster and Graham Clark, the man who murdered Joe’s mum Rachel Hughes by pushing her from a cliff, share the same forename but that’s where the similarities end. We can 100% guarantee that the new Graham is not the unhinged villain from the late 90s.

Graham Clark died after taking Kathy Glover hostage and driving a car over a cliff – Kathy broke free at the last second and Graham was killed when the car burst into flames. And he really DID die.

Even if there remained doubt, Graham Foster can’t be the same man as he would have been rumbled long before now. Characters such as Zak and Lisa Dingle, Eric Pollard, Marlon Dingle, Bernice Thomas, Robert Sugden and others were all around at the time of Graham’s reign of terror so would recognise him.

In fact, Eric and Marlon spent the entirety of the storyline investigating Graham Clark, certain that he was the one who murdered Rachel. Andrew Scarborough has also gone on record to deny that they are one and the same, pointing out that Graham is a fairly common name.

So we can chalk this theory down to being as likely as the ghost one!

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