Adidas appears extremely interested in signing Colin Kaepernick if he ever returns to the NFL.

Mark King, president of the athletic apparel and shoe companys North America division, told the crowd of an ASU summit, “If he signs on a team, we would definitely want to sign him.”

The comments were actually made last Friday, but have made some serious noise in the past 24 hours. I dont understand how the internet didnt notice these comments way sooner.

This is also a ridiculous plan from Adidas. What are they thinking? Im sure theres no better way piss off your audience than singing the most disliked quarterback in the NFL. Sure, youre going to get some fans to buy some shoes. That much is obvious. Youre also going to alienate a ton of fans, which is the exact same reason as to why hes currently not in the NFL.

Im not a business expert, but even I know that signing Kaepernick is a terrible idea. Adidas is going to find out really quick that this was a huge mistake if they go through it.

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