Former major league pitcher Matt Mantei spent the night in jail on Tuesday, and its not for throwing some criminally impressive rocket arm.

The 10-season veteran retired from the big leagues but apparently hasnt settled into a happier, quieter life since then. (RELATED: Former NFL Lineman Roy Millers Divorce Gets Nasty After Domestic Violence Allegations)

According to TMZ Sports, Mantei was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly beating an unnamed victim. He was formally charged and booked in the Berrien County Jail in Michigan for assault and battery. It has not been made immediately clear why Mantei allegedly assaulted somebody or how it led to an arrest. (RELATED: Heather Locklear Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence And Assaulting An Officer)

TMZ reports that Mantei is still in police custody, but it is unclear when exactly hell be released.

Maintei spent his time in the MLB as a closer pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, the Miami Marlins and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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