The nephew of former Yankees phenom Alex Rodriguezs found himself in a bit of a precarious situation in New York City early Thursday morning.

Rodriguezs nephew, Norberto Susini, 29, apparently met up with two men in the Times Square area to sell them a Lamborghini for $600,000. (RELATED: WATCH THE GRONKOWSKIS EMBARRASS A-ROD AND THE SHARKS AT FLIP CUP)

According to Fox News, the two men, Lamin Vucetovic, 33, and Anthony Gilkes, 30, demanded Susini return a previous deposit of $35,000 before they hand over the money. When he refused, the two men abducted Susini and drove him to a nearby Marriot hotel and held him up.

The two men then reportedly called Susinis business partners, which was apparently pretty fruitless because they later called the police. Once on the phone with the cops, the two men demanded a ransom. Police stormed the hotel and arrested them just before 4:00 AM.

Its unclear whether the two men received their Lamborghini or their deposit back but judging from how poorly this attempted kidnapping went down, Im going to go with a solid no.

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