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Avengers: Infinity War is going to be the film which comic-book fans have always wanted but never got. A huge superhero team up film with a villain to match. Nearly all the Marvel superheroes are converging to face the threat of Thanos and his Black Order. The film has possibility the biggest cast of any movie. Joe Russo, one of the directors, has confirmed that there are 67 characters in the movie! Such a huge cast creates lots of problems for directors, but if they do their job well, it would be a delight for the fans. And Russo brothers, the directors of the film, have proven that they can handle multiple cast members with Captain America: Civil War.

Here are the most important players in Avengers: Infinity War:

Thanos: If there is a central character of Avengers: Infinity War, it is Thanos. Not Iron Man, not Captain America, Thanos is the hero of the film, for want for a better word. We will likely see fleshing out of his character – to make him sympathetic to the audiences as is usual these days. We know Thanos wants the Infinity Stones to conquer the universe and destroy half of it. Of course, there cannot be a valid reason to do that, but we might see the early days that made him what he is.

Iron Man: Tony Stark was never the central figure of the Avengers (in comics, that is). In MCU, Iron Man has been the de facto leader of the Avengers, even though technically Steve Rogers is the captain. That is primarily because it is Robert Downey Jr who is playing the role. The man has reinvented the character and made him cool again. And it wont be surprising to see him being at the centre stage in the fight against Thanos.

tony stark aka iron man played by robert downey jr in iron man Iron Man in a still from Avengers: Infinity War.

Captain America: The super-soldier Cap is heading the Avengers faction in Wakanda as the trailers suggest. Yes, the Avengers are still divided and Steve Rogers along with TChalla lead the Wakandan army into battle against Thanos and his outriders. So yes, he is one of the most important players in Infinity War.

Ebony Maw: A fearsome, ruthless lieutenant of Thanos, Ebony Maw is known for his mental manipulation skills that he uses extensively in comics. In the trailer also we saw him torturing Doctor Strange, perhaps to force him to reveal the location of the Time Stone. Ebony Maw is going to be deadliest among the Black Order and one the Avengers will be hard-pressed to defeat.

Captain Marvel: I think she is going to show up. Brie Larson has reportedly shot some scenes for both the remaining Avengers movies. She will certainly be in Avengers 4, but many believe that she will help the Avengers and allies in the war against the Mad Titan, probably when all looks lost.

Benedict cumberbatch plays doctor strange in Avengers infinity war Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme possesses the Time Stone and thus is going to be one of the prime targets for the invaders. Stills of the movie suggest that Iron Man, Bruce Banner and Wong will be the only ones to protect him. Strange has future in MCU after Infinity War storyline is finished, and thus is going to be one of the characters to keep an eye out on.

Scarlet Witch: Her burgeoning romance with Vision means Wanda will be forever by his side. But with Vision almost sure to die, we can expect her to be one of the central characters as she does her best to save him. And of course, with her considerable powers, she will be a huge asset to the Avengers.

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Star-Lord: As the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill will be important in Infinity War as he is somebody who has fought aliens before. Like Iron Man and Cap, he is a solid leader (although Gamora may be better suited for the job).

black widow in avengers infinity war Black Widow in Avengers: Infinity War.

Black Widow: Natasha has been a sidekick so far in MCU even though shes been here from the very beginning. There are rumours stating that she might get her standalone movie. If there is any truth to those rumours, we may see a different avatar of Black Widow in Infinity War.

Hulk: Need I say more? The green angry monster does not know limits when it comes to raw strength. His power depends on his anger. The only way to subdue him is to calm him down. But when he gets going, there are few who can stop him. He is going to be one of the chief weapons of the Avengers.

Thor: The last time we saw him, the God of Thunder got humbled by his own sister, Hela. He lost his hammer, but gained a sense of humour. He is expected to forge a new weapon in Infinity War to replace Mjolnir. He will also be one of the prime players in the film.

Avengers: Infinity War photos Black Panther in a still from Avengers: Infinity War.

Black Panther: Wakandans have the most advanced technology on earth in MCU. Wakandans and Black Panther will be invaluable in the war against Thanos not just because of their tech. TChalla has this indestructible suit, feline fighting skills, and of course the Dora Milaje, the fearsome all-female special-forces group that can take on any army in the universe

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Avengers: Infinity War will release on April 27.

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