Josh Rosen has zero extravagant plans for his first NFL paycheck.

“As far as I know, Im on the field. I dont really have much time to do much else. Invest it, save it. When I have a family, maybe send my kids to a good school,” Rosen recently told ESPN when asked about his spending plans for what will likely be the biggest check hes ever earned in his life up to this point. (RELATED: QUESTIONING JOSH ROSEN BECAUSE HIS FAMILY HAS MONEY IS ANTI-AMERICAN)

Obviously, this answer shouldnt surprise a single person. Rosen didnt exactly come from a poor family. He grew up with some money. From my personal experience of knowing some kids who grew up rich, they dont exactly have a huge urge to go out and spend tons of cash. Its just not in their genetics from what Ive seen.

I hope lots of NFL rookies and pro athletes follow Rosens strategy. Pro sports and the paychecks that come with pro sports dont last forever. Its better to stash almost all that money and prepare for the future. Of course, we all know thats a lot easier said than done for some people. Luckily, it looks like Rosen wont have a problem with that anytime soon.

As for me, I wouldnt spend a single dime of my the money earned on my first NFL contract, outside of the absolute basics: food and housing. Now, if I play for over a decade, then maybe Id treat myself to something nice. Until then, every dollar that isnt spent on food and housing is hitting a savings and investment accounts.

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