Deadspin felt the need to reveal the real name of Barstool Sports legend PFTCommenter, and its pretty crummy.

There are three things right off the bat to hit on here. Im not linking to their story. You can find it there if you want to. Its a failing sports website, but its out there. If you want to read it so badly, then just find it yourself.

Second, Im not putting PFTCommenters real name in this piece. I see no reason to ruin the mystique and character of a man who has done nothing wrong. I wont contribute to that in any way.

This leads me directly to my third point. I had this story over a year ago. There were some huge discussions about whether or not I should publish PFTCommenters real name. To be clear, we never considered doing what Deadspin did, which was to claim they doxxed him for not talking about allegations of racism and misogyny from Barstool Sports. We simply debated whether or not it was a good idea to out a mans real identity and if the pros outweighed the cons. These discussions went on over the course of two days, and I even spoke to PFTCommenter.

By the time I spoke with him, Id already made the decision to not run the story or even type a single word of it. What he told me only reinforced my decision as the correct one.

Heres why what Deadspin did is so wrong, and the same reason why I was never going to write that story. PFTCommenter did nothing wrong, and I would make the same argument about Barstool Sports. He hosts a very popular podcast, talks sports, makes funny videos, tweets funny stuff and is just a funny dude. Why does a man of that nature deserve to be screwed over?

Now, itd be different if he was out here sending death threats around or being vicious to people. He wasnt. Not even by a country mile. He was cracking jokes and having a lot of fun doing it.

Hell, he even used to have some great ESPN hits.

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Do you want to know why Deadspin published his name and wrote an absurd article? Its because its the only way they draw attention to themselves. The site has made a living by attacking people, myself included, who are out here having fun.

Congrats, Deadspin. You attacked a man for being more successful than you ever will be. In five years, PFTCommenter will only be bigger. Will Deadspin even exist? Maybe the people over there should spend more time thinking about how to stay around, and less time going after Barstool. As Sam Dekker put it: You guys suck.

You guys suck

— Sam Dekker (@dekker) May 22, 2018

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