NFL Hall Of Famer Warren Moon may not think the new NFL ruling regarding the national anthem is perfect, but its pretty close.

The NFL officially passed a new rule Wednesday to mandate all players and staff members stand for the national anthem before games. If they do not want to stand, they can remain in the locker room. However if they remain seated, kneel or demonstrate any other form of protest, theyll be fined. (RELATED: NFL To Require Players To Stand For National Anthem Or Stay In Locker Room)

So when the former legendary QB was asked for his thoughts on the new ruling, he didnt hold back.

The 23-season veteran told TMZ that the new rule will bring the focus back to whats important. “This way all the attention goes back to the anthem and takes it away from the players, which it should be, because the anthem is the anthem and it should stand alone because its for everybody,” Moon said.

He added that the ruling was “as close to perfect as youre gonna get.”

For better or for worse, the months of grey area surrounding anthem protests has come to an end. Some high-profile members of the NFL, including Jets CEO Christopher Johnson, has already said hes prepared to pay fines to let his players protest the anthem.

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