18 huge Corrie spoilers still to come in our explosive summer preview
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Coronation Street continues to fire on all cylinders as a whole host of massive storylines kick off in a big way – and summer promises to be unmissable. With some exciting returns in the pipeline, a simmering revenge storyline, an issue based ordeal for Sean Tully and more disaster for the Platt clan, there is plenty to enjoy.

Here, we summarise the main plotlines ahead as Sally Metcalfe faces one of her biggest challenges to date, Kevin and Jack Webster look to a very uncertain future and the McDonald/Barlow wedding could be turned upside down as Jim is heading out of the big house!

Grab a cuppa and feast your eyes on this tasty lot!

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Josh faces justice

Josh manipulates David in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

In the wake of Josh escaping justice following his arrest, he might think that he has gotten away with it but David is going to keep a close eye on him, especially when it seems like he has targeted a new victim – and while the show may not see Josh jailed, it seems that there will be a comeuppance of sorts.

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Producer Kate Oates told I am not afraid of controversy – its more important to reflect the truth. If you tie things up with a bow, theres a danger people take away from that: “its all right then, we dont need to talk about this anymore, its done.” But its not done. There are lots of things within that story that we couldnt show on screen. If I were going to show that story in court, Id have been fascinated to have played the truth of it – I hope he doesnt mind me name dropping here but I am really good friends with (Judge) Robert Rinder and I talked to him about the story and he spoke to me about how he might cross-examine someone on the stand or how someone else might.

Rob is a massive supporter of the storyline – hes a great friend and sounding board. Duncan Craig from Survivors Manchester did the same when he took us through the kinds of questions someone might be faced with on the stand. Its hard and its brutal and you question whether we are set up in the best place to get these convictions? If it were a 9pm drama and we saw David Platt on the stand talking about what had happened to him, a barrister might cross examine him with a huge level of detail to try and discredit him – it is really intimate and makes you think “I never thought about it that way and how it could be spun”.

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I think its important not to artificially tie things up – I believe that Davids perpetrator wouldnt be convicted in this instance.

With Billys help, how far is David prepared to go?

Evas exit

Eva is destroyed by Aidan's death in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Evas battle with Johnny over the custody of baby Susie is only set to get nastier and the big question on the lips of everyone remains whether she will start her new life away from Weatherfield with or without her daughter in her care.

Recent filming pictures have confirmed that Evas final scenes will air during Aidans inquest but can she build bridges with the Connors or will she leave under a dark cloud?

Our Corrie source said: Right now, Johnny is prepared to do anything to take Susie from Eva but a mothers love cant be underestimated and Eva is prepared to fight back, tooth and nail. The departure of Eva is going to prove an emotional one right until the last moment…

The con is on!

Sally is tricked in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Sally is about to get herself into a right pickle as sneaky Duncan proves about as trustworthy as we all expected him to be. When he persuades a naive Sally to grant him the charity money, £40k soon goes missing and Duncan disappears too.

Sally is left with a lot of questions to answer – can she clear her name? She will then seek the help of an old legal friend who turns up to offer advice – but soon she is more interested in Sophie that she is in Sallys case!


Joy for Kana?

18 huge Corrie spoilers still to come in our explosive summer preview
(Picture: ITV)

Bhavna Limbachia recently teased to that a wedding could be on the horizon after Rana and Kate deal with their troubles.

Our insider sighed: Fans will be rooting for them but can they make it? With Zeedan gone and the pair having come through so much, can they beat the odds that were previously stacked against them?

Whispers suggest that the pair will soon be back at the centre of the action after fans have complained of a drought – but whether there is joy or angst in store remains to be seen.

Jim is back

Jim may be returning to Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Hes getting out of the big house and he is going to have a score to settle after how things ended with Steve – so what mayhem will Jim cause when he arrives back in Weatherfield?

Kate told us: We have some amazing stuff with Jim McDonald. Hes going to be coming back with a lot of resentment because of what Steve did – from his point of view, he has been rotting in prison and no one cares. We also played a story 18 months ago where it seemed like Steve might have inherited a genetic disease from his dad but no one went to see Jim to ask if he was okay. We have a great story to play with that.

With Tracy and Steve engaged, are we about to see an unwanted wedding guest?

More agony for the Connors

Johnny cries over Aidan in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

As the aftermath of Aidans death continues to weigh heavily on the Connors, the shock of Alya being handed Underworld leads to a fierce fight – and Alya isnt about to give up the factory without a fight. But Carla soon deploys some more underhand tactics…


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Meanwhile, Johnny continues to really struggle – but will Jenny discover that he cheated on her with Liz?

Lewis causes big trouble

Lewis will arrive back again following the reveal that he was in cahoots with Rosemary. And when he reaches out to Audrey again, its clear that she might be falling for him once more. Dont do it, Aud!

Kate smiled: We have Lewis – king of cads! He is returning – I would have him for as long as Nigel Havers would want to stay as he works brilliantly with Sue Nicholls and I love that existing dynamic that he played both mother and daughter. Its perfect and I love everything that they have done with Sophie Thompson as none of them have overplayed it.

I was anxious about that story as its about a medium talking about Richard Hillman. If you are going to tell that truthfully, you have a woman whose husband was a serial killer, then you have a stranger coming in but youre playing it for laughs – how can you expect Helen Worth to play that honestly? But the writers were brilliant and were able to unfold it so it feels very truthful in the moment and we will just spin it in a bit of a different way after that. Sophie does everything with integrity – she was perfect for it.

Carla and Peter – back on?

Carla and Peter may reunite in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV/

Carla and Peter have a hell of a lot of history and Peter is hopeful that somewhere along the line, a reunion could become a reality. Exploiting this, Carla uses her feminine wiles to get Peters help against Alya and Eva – but could she rediscover her feelings in the process?

The former couple have plenty of screentime ahead and when the money Peter gets from the sale of the Rovers leads to him buying Alya out of Underworld, might he and Carla be set to mix business and pleasure.

Our source shared: There will always be unfinished business between Peter and Carla and its no secret how much many fans love them together. At the moment, Carla sees Peter as a means to an end – but can you always hide your true feelings?

Peter may really come through for her – but where will it lead?

The new Rovers!

Rovers in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

While Henry Newton rocks up to tell Gemma Winter that he has bought the Rovers for her, it transpires that the sale of the famous boozer will actually go to the Connors as Jenny and Johnny take over.

The pair hopefully get back on track and look to the future with a new venture – and Johnny feels a closeness to the place as it was there that he last saw his beloved son Aidan alive. But if Liz is pulling pints there, could things get awkward?

Hostage horror for Bethany!

Craig has bad news for Bethany in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Bethany thinks that the only thing she has to worry about from newcomer Kayla is a bit of jealousy but there is something much darker afoot as it has emerged that she is actually the daughter of jailed rapist Neil!

As Neils appeal fails, Kayla is determined to get revenge on Bethany and Craig and it will lead to a terrifying hostage situation as Bethany is taken captive. Can Craig save her?

Nick comes home

18 huge Corrie spoilers still to come in our explosive summer preview
(Picture: ITV)

After losing his relationship with Leanne following his jealousy around Steve and Peter, Nick departed the Street after almost drowning in quicksand – so what is set to bring him back later this year and might there be a reunion with Carla on the horizon?

Nick last saw Carla when their wedding fell to pieces so they will no doubt have quite a significant amount of catching up to do. And what will Nick make of everything that has been happening to the Platts of late?

Seans homelessness ordeal

Sean makes himself at home in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

As Sean hits on hard financial times, things will get worse and he ends up homeless, living in a tent with someone else who is on the streets. But things take a devastating turn when Sean is then brutally attacked by homophobic thugs in a public toilet.

As Shona discovers Seans plight, can he be helped out of his situation?

Antony Cotton recently told us: This story is a good few months, start to finish – probably three months. Theres a lead up to it with the job loss then to him finally having salvation. He ends up in a homeless village. Theres a beautiful actress called Emma, who plays Carol. I really lucked out with her. We got on really well.


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