The H in Hall H stood for Halloween on Friday at Comic-Con as original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis was joined by filmmakers David Gordon Green, Jason Blum, and Malek Akkad.

Right off the bat, Curtis talked about the power of the iconic character of Laurie Strode, not directly mentioning the #MeToo movement, but talking about how a woman can “take control” of their narrative and not have someone else abuse them. She then referenced the 140 women at the ESPY awards who took the stage while that “MF rotted in prison.” She was, of course, referring to the disgraced doctor Larry Nassar.

No new trailer was shown, but they did share some footage of a thrilling one-shot of Michael Myers terrorizing a suburban neighborhood and stalking unsuspecting women during Halloween. And of course, he murders them the only way he can: brutally and without remorse. The video then went into the trailer that was released earlier with a couple of new tidbits.

During the panel Q&A, a fan burst into tears as he shared a story of how he was literally being stalked by a knife-wielding killer and how Curtis character inspired him to jump into action. Curtis jumped off the stage and consoled him before taking a couple of selfies.

Curtis was 19 when she filmed the original Halloween in 1978. Now, inching to 60, she says that it is “mind-blowing” how much this franchise has continued to live on. She also says that the iconic horror character is one of the “greatest” in her life.

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