Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White is alive. But for how much longer?
Lachlan holds a terrified Rebecca captive. (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers were in for a shock tonight when it was revealed that Rebecca White was alive but being held captive by her nephew Lachlan.

Lachlan had already killed his mum, his grandfather and his best friend, so when Rebecca stumbled across him leaving Mill Cottage after an attempt to kill Liv and Robert in a deliberate gas leak, it seemed as though her time was up. Yet it seems that Lachlan cannot bring himself to kill his last living adult relative.

It was the morning of Lachlans 18th birthday and the Dingles were determined to celebrate with him as family. But Lachlans sins haunted him through the whole day. Lydia kept asking him about Rebecca. An irritated Lachlan sent himself a happy birthday text from Rebeccas phone but it ended up causing him more trouble.

When Robert and Chas heard that Rebecca had sent a text without providing any details or asking after Seb, both expressed surprise. Robert was especially concerned after Lydia revealed that Rebecca had vanished without her memory book. It wasnt long before the Dingle clan agreed that something fishy was going on with Rebecca.

Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White is alive. But for how much longer?
Rebecca is terrified. (Picture: ITV)

Lachlan became increasingly agitated and eventually stormed out of his party in a temper. When Lydia cornered him and demanded to know why he was upset, Lachlan lied, as skilfully as ever, and told her he was sad because it was his first birthday without his mum. But Robert was worried and slipped away from the party with Liv. They went to Rebeccas room and rooted around in her belongings. What they found was shocking, but would it expose Lachlan for the killer that he was?

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Lachlan gave a brief speech at the party, explaining that everything hed done, hed done for Belle. The revelers around him were oblivious as to the true meaning of the statement, but that made the speech even more sinister. Lachlan seemed genuinely enthused at joining the Dingles, the sort of family hed always wanted. But the moment was ruined by Robert and Liv, who rushed into the pub. Robert had found Rebeccas passport – they knew that she wasnt in Ibiza.

Despite a panicked Lachlan telling everyone to calm down, worry spread at the party and soon Robert had called the police. Lachlan excused himself to go and retrieve Rebeccas memory book. And just as Robert was explaining to the police how vulnerable Rebecca was, he received a phone call. Rebeccas voice came down the line, clear as day, apologising for her absence and explaining that she was in Wales, not Ibiza. And then the line went dead as on the other end, Lachlan finished playing a recorded message.

Lachlan turned to Rebecca, who was bound, gagged and chained up in a house in the middle of the woods. He thanked her for recording the message. Rebecca looked terrified.

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The teen returned to his birthday party, where he told Robert he couldnt find the memory book, surprising Robert yet again. Then, after the party, Lachlan took his aunt some birthday cake. It emerged that shed recorded the message only so that she could see her baby again – but Lachlan hadnt managed to get Seb away from Robert and Aaron.

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Rebecca screamed and said she hated Lachlan. Her nephew turned his sinister gaze on her and told her that if he were as heartless as she thought, she would be dead.

Lachlan has bought himself precious time with the message, as everyone relaxes about Rebeccas wherabouts. But he cant keep his aunt locked up forever. Will he murder yet another family member to cover up his tracks? And will Rebecca ever see her son again?

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