Holby spoilers for Jac, Fletch and Dom
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This was one of those Holby City episodes that starts at the end and then flashes back. First we saw Fletch looking at someone who was unconscious in a hospital bed and clearly in a bad way. We didnt see who it was, and then the action went back to nine hours previously.

Fletch had another day of trying to juggle the demands of his job with the competing demands of his family. His job isnt made any easier by having Jac Naylor on his case all day long, but she was justified in getting angry with him on this occasion because every time her back was turned he would end up in a darkened room having a deep and meaningful conversation with his daughter or his father. Fletch told Jac that he wanted to make peace with Steven.

Then Id prepare for war, she said. He seems like bad news. Of course Jacs own history of having long-lost relatives turning up hasnt usually ended well, so its understandable shed be wary. It all culminated in Fletch and Jac having a massive and savage argument.

Jac raged at Fletch in Holby
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Evie, meanwhile, despairing of ever getting her dad to take her seriously, roped in Serena to mediate. This was a beautiful scene – as Evie told Fletch that she was tired of playing mum to her younger brothers and sister, Fletchs eyes filled with tears. As ever, Macey Chipping and Alex Walkinshaw played off each other perfectly. Indeed, Alex Walkinshaw was stunning throughout the episode. Hes perfectly tuned in to his character.

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It turned out that Fletch didnt know the whole story about when Steven left him when he was a baby. For a start, Steven was only 14 when Fletch was born (for people who were complaining last week that Jesse Birdsall is only 12 years older than Alex Walkinshaw – the casting department know what theyre doing). When Fletchs mother couldnt cope, Steven had tried to look after little Adrian himself, but he was so young and he had a girlfriend who wasnt safe to be around a baby due to drugs or alcohol or both. Steven felt he had to leave for Fletchs own safety.

So knowing this and knowing how much it means to Evie, Fletch has given his father a chance. He wants him to apply for a job as a porter and prove that he can be a stable and regular presence in the lives of his grandchildren.

Fletch tried to bond with Evie in Holby City
(Picture: BBC)

Then he went to make peace with Jac. In her office a water bottle on its side was dripping onto the floor, ominously. Fletch saw Jac unconscious. The crash team was summoned, Jac was intubated and suddenly we were back where we started, and Jac Naylor was the mystery figure in the bed. As a worried Fletch was joined by Professor Doom, we have to worry about what the future holds for Jac.

Elsewhere, Sacha gave Essie the news that her cancer is in remission. He couldnt help the tears from flowing with sheer relief. Essie decided that she wants to get back to work as soon as possible (hurrah!), but in the meantime she busied herself with trying to convince Professor Gaskell to take on the case of Josh, her friend Julies son who was disabled after a sporting accident. Josh had previously been considered for the trial but rejected, but this time the Professor decided to accept him. Whether hell revise this decision after hes found out whats wrong with Jac, well have to wait and see.

Lofty and Dom make plans in Holby City
(Picture: BBC)

On AAU Lofty and Dominics heads were full of what Dominic called wedmin. Carole Copeland was assisting from afar with the wedding plans by sending a bulging scrapbook of ideas, which involved lace and tassles.

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There was an outbreak of MRSA on the ward, which meant everybody whod been in contact with a particular patient had to be found and tested. Unfortunately Lofty had transferred three of them off the ward and couldnt remember where theyd gone. Tracking them down involved asking the original patient for clues and getting Donna to do a spectacularly poor identikit drawing of one of them.

All of this was enough to make Dominic wonder whether Lofty was really marriage material. Maybe it was his own nerves kicking in, because by the end he was quite happily convinced that he did want to marry Lofty after all. When they talked about what they really wanted their wedding to look like, they found their ideas were very similar – small, intimate, with friends and family and as soon as possible. Which sounds adorable – but lets hope the happy celebrations arent overshadowed by any tragic events from elsewhere in the hospital.

Sue Haasler is the author of the official Holby City book, which you can read about here. She also writes novels and theres more about her latest here.

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