Justin is worried about Willow (Picture: Channel 5)

Willow and Dean have been experiencing debt problems lately, and their issues have been getting worse since Willows gambling addiction became more severe. Betting thousands on horses using stolen money, Willow is convinced that one good result in the races will turn her fortunes around.

But Dean has other ideas, as he goes to Justin and tells him the full extent of her problems. Saying he can handle the debt, he asks Justin to look out for Willow and help her overcome her addiction.

He then goes to Willow and breaks up with her, saying shes too high maintenance. Heartbroken, Willow is found by Justin on the beach, and cries into his arms.

The next day, she wakes up in a strange motel room – with Justin sat across from her.

Willow is played by actress Sarah Roberts (Picture: Channel 5)

Jumping to her feet, she says shes got things to do – but Justin says he cant trust her on her own right now, as she could make more bets.

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Taking her phone off her, Justin leaves, and Willow tears the room apart, looking for a way to listen to the races…

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