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Jennifer got taken by the police – but why didnt Marty stop them?! (Picture: Universal)

It kills me to do this, Back To The Future II is one of the greatest films of all time (yes it is, dont argue), but sadly, there are some rather huge plot holes.

Some glaring, some not so. And after three decades of watching this movie over and over again, a fresh one has been spotted.

No, not the fact Doc could have just told Marty what not to do in the future, saving them the need to travel forward in time in the first place and thus negating the whole of the second movie (they flew forward in time to stop his future kids doing stupid things and ending up in jail).

No, its the fact that his girlfriend Jennifer, who they took with them to the future, knocked out, then left alone while they went off and did things, was picked up by the police and taken back to her future home where she threatened the entire universes existence by bumping into her future self, when Marty could have easily just popped over and saved her.



And before anyone argues he had to be careful his son didnt see him, they were in a back alley anyway, and hed just been off shopping in broad daylight for the Sports Almanac.

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Doc and Marty could have saved all of the drama just by walking on over to Jennifer (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Ok so, Marty and Doc dumped Jennifer in a back alley while they both headed off to complete their tasks after flying forward to the year 2015 – Doc needed to knock out Marty McFly Jr, and Marty McFly needed to pose as Marty McFly Jr to tell Biff he wouldnt be partaking in a robbery and thus saving his future son from prison – but when they returned to Jennifer shed been discovered by the police.

As they hung back behind a wall and watched the drama unfold, they overheard that the police had identified Jennifer as her future, 47-year-old self using her thumbprint, and that theyd be taking her back to her future home in Hilldale.

And herein lies the problem.

Doc then explained to Marty that should Jennifer encounter her older self at their future home the consequences of that could be disastrous.

He explained the time paradox, that if Jennifer came face to face with her future self, it could unravel the fabric of the space time continuum and destroy the entire universe.

Great time to step in and stop her getting taken there then, eh?

Now, given the police believed 17-year-old Jennifer was 47 after assessing her thumbprint (47? Thats a hell of a good face lift), surely Marty could have walked on over, explained shes his wife, whacked his thumb on the identifier and attempted to pass for his 47-year-old self?

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One fan argued it was because it was too risky. Not true – if they believed Jennifer, why wouldnt they believe Marty?

Instead, lets look at what happened – Jennifer ended up in their Hilldale house and Doc and Marty zoomed over to rescue her. While there she found her other self and passed out, which meant the two men left the DeLorean unattended to go and rescue her.

Well this very near miss of the universe imploding could have been avoided (Picture: Universal)

During this time, Biff stole the car, went back in time, and rewrote history by giving his past self the Sports Almanac and and thus the outcome of every sporting event between 1950 and 2000, and making himself a millionaire. When they reclaimed the time vehicle, unaware of Biffs actions, Doc and Marty then returned to an alternate reality, and found themselves having to go even further back in time to fix the damage Biff has caused.

And the results of that saw Doc being sent back another 100 years to the old west, where he was set to be killed by Biffs ancestor, and Marty had to go back and save him.

In other words, if theyd stopped Jennifer being taken, everything would have ended right there, Biff wouldnt have gone back in time, Docs life wouldnt have been threatened and there would have been no Back To The Future III.

And thats a terrible thought so forget everything weve just said, BTT2 is perfect, there are no plot holes, all is right with the universe.

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