Jemima has a proposition for Susan and Karl (Picture: Channel 5)

Could things be about to take a dark turn for Chloe?

So far shes maintained that her business is just paid-for dates, but when a proposition comes her way will she be able to resist?

Speaking of propositions, Jemima has one for Susan and Karl, but is it one that Susan can bring herself to accept?

Elsewhere, Gary has a big confession to make thatll leave Xanthe shocked, and Mishti could be about to ruin her career.

Here are your spoilers for the week ahead.

1. Jemima has a huge proposition for Susan and Karl

Having learned that Jemima is worth a mint, Karl is in for another shocker – after properly reading Susans wedding speech and realising she had her wrong, Jemima makes a plan. She wants to give Susan and Karl enough money to support them for the rest of their lives.

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But as Jemima isnt exactly the happiest person in the world Susan is reluctant to take the offer – which also includes a luxury pad in Robinson Heights. Will Susan convince Karl to turn down the millions?

2. The net is closing in on Cassius

Cassius cover was almost blown by the discovery of his medallion, and Bea is still startled by his reaction. She feels more than ever hes keeping secrets, so calls on Mark to keep an eye on him. Ned is also wary of the guy, and warns Piper. She then confronts him, but he manages to spin another web of lies. But with both Ned and Bea picking up on vibes, Cassius might not be able to keep up this charade for much longer.

3. Gary confesses his true feelings

Gary finally admits his feelings (Picture: Channel 5)

Oh poor Gazza, hes caught feelings for Amy and he cant hide them much longer. Equally though, hes not ready for her to know, so when she seeks his approval for her new date Rob, he gives it so as not to arouse suspicion. But upset by the turn of events, his emotions become apparent and Xanthe realises the truth, leaving her in utter shock.

4. Toadie has something embarrassing come up

Well Toadie is in for an embarrassing time of it when Little Toadie pops up to say hello in a very unexpected manner. Hes in the office, and it is most definitely not the time.

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He does a little investigating and learns that Piper has restocked the office cupboard with Dipis aphrodisiac tea. He calls Sonya to rescue him, but their plans are thwarted when Piper refuses to leave. Will he be able to escape before anyone notices hes pitching a tent in his trousers?!

5. Terese is jealous when Paula appears to move on

The green-eyed monster rears its head (Picture: Channel 5)

When Leo spots Jemima emerging from Pauls bathroom in a bathrobe he assumes Paul has started moving on, but is shocked to see Terese get a little jealous over it. Frustrated, he confronts her, and she defends herself by saying she also got jealous over him talking to Mishti and Chloe.

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But her feelings clearly havent yet died down, could this mean that Lerese is heading for a rocky patch?

6. Mishti blows huge police case by going rogue

Mishti gets in touch with Monique to try and bring down Dilhan and Mark convinces her not to go to the police. Big mistake, as Dilhan ends up in hospital with a banged up knee and Mishti receives a note saying youre welcome.

To make matters worse, as Mishti progresses with her plan she inadvertently screws up an entire police sting operation, and it has dire consequences for her career.

7. Xanthe to discover Aarons drug problems?

Xanthe thinks David has a drug problem (Picture: Channel 5)

Xanthe has a seizure but when she goes to get her pain medication its not there. She heads to see David to get more, where shes given the bottle that went missing, and he claims they just fell out of her bag. Noticing something isnt quite right with David, she starts to add up the evidence – does David have a drug problem?


8. Chloe to become a prostitute?

Despite actress Aprils protestations that Chloe keeps things above board with her side business, it would seem the Brennan sister is going to be tempted to take things too far.

A mother approaches her to deflower her son on his 21st birthday, and with Chloe needing the money she agrees. Will she go through with it?

Scenes air from Monday 24 September at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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