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Could Siennas good side be tempted to turn bad so quickly?

Shes turned over a new leaf in a bid to put her past behind her, but it could all come screaming back in a heartbeat as things progress with Brody.

Brody sleeps with ex Liberty, but realises after that his heart isnt in it with her. He tries to let her know its just not going to happen between them, but she misunderstands and thinks hes moving in.

But then Liberty finds out the truth from Damon when he puts his foot in it and reveals Brody is definitely not up for a relationship.

Sore from being dumped, shes about to get hit with a further big slap of betrayal when she finds out Brody and her sister Sienna have been getting very close.

Speaking to, actress Anna Passey, who plays Sienna, reveals that she and Brody bond over his problems, and he quickly becomes a test for her newly found nice side.

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[Brody] is someone who has barely been on Siennas radar at all – she hardly knows him and doesnt really care, Anna revealed. She is trying to be a good sister as part of the new regime as a good person.

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Shes not really got it right with her other siblings yet so heres an opportunity! She only speaks to Brody for the first time as a way of defending Liberty – he doesnt treat her so well so she marches over and confronts him but realises the reason he is being the way he is being is because he is going through something truly awful.

The pair begin to bond as she relates to his struggles, having coped with Trevors PTSD.

Sienna in Hollyoaks
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She wasnt aware of that so when she learns a bit, she feels guilty that she had made someone feel worse about something like that, Anna explained.

She goes initially to apologise but the more they talk, she realises and understands where he is coming from. She knows what it is like to go through something awful and obviously she was with Trevor when he suffered from PTSD.

She recognises that maybe she can help on a friendship level but they do find kindred spirits in each other. So she thinks could there be more or should there be more – its not really in her plan. Its not a good idea but undeniably theres something there.

So will this temptation ruin her clean slate?

Old Sienna wouldnt hesitate, Anna said. She would be kicking Liberty down the stairs and then running up to grab Brody – this is a test to her. How is she supposed to behave?

I enjoy that about the story – she doesnt just snap her fingers and suddenly shes this great person, its a struggle for her. She has to really think about what she naturally wants to do and then do the opposite! Its quite fun to watch her have that battle to change.

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