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The end looks set to be nigh for evil Glenn Donovan as the women he has wronged during his time in Hollyoaks conspire to have their revenge and bring about his downfall – by killing him! Initially, the WAGs (Women Against Glenn) want to use drug dealer Jay to finish off Glenn but the plan goes awry and exposes Grace Blacks plot against him.

Glenn is furious with her and moves in for the kill, issuing a dark threat to her. But the WAGs close ranks and protect Grace before then setting the ball rolling on their murder plan. But who is capable of killing Glenn? Will they all have a hand in his death or will one person take that killer step?

And might they even fail? With Liam returning, could Glenn have an ally who will de-rail everything? Here, each of the WAGs reveals their motive and whether they can go through with it:

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Jacqueline Boatswain – Simone Loveday

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Simones motivation is that he has publicly humiliated her after she slept with him, and he has terrorised her son for months. Shes not capable of killing anyone, but because there is a group of women in the same situation, means that its a shared responsibility.

Amy Conachan – Courtney Campbell

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In her eyes, Glenn has completely ruined her whole life. Everything was going pretty well before she got involved with him. Although things were difficult financially, she had Iona and Jesse, and she was really happy. After Glenn had helped her out with Granny Campbell earlier in the year, she thought of him as her comrade, and although she knew he had a dark side, she trusted that he wouldnt turn on her. Of course, when she went to him for help with the salon debts, she was proven wrong – now she has nothing. Ionas been taken from her, Jesses left her, and she has serious legal charges looming over her – all because of Glenn.

Liams return certainly puts an obstacle in the way of their plan to kill Glenn. All of the WAGs know that if he found out what they were doing, he would destroy them. Plus, Liam has been closely associated with half the reasons she wants to get rid of Glenn in the first place. He was the one that gave her the drugs in Spain, and if he had been around to be a father to Iona, maybe she wouldnt be with Granny Campbell now. In her opinion, Liam and Glenn are two sides of the same coin, and the further away they are from her the better.

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When Courtney agreed to team up with the rest of the women, it was a spur of the moment decision, fuelled with a lot of emotion. She was in a determined rage since Jesse had just dumped her. However, the reality of it is going to be more difficult. Shes definitely capable (lets not forget that she comes from the same family as serial Killer Cameron!) but shes not a bad person, so it doesnt come naturally to her. I think the consequences might be a bit too much for her though. Shes smart enough to know how high the risk factor is, and whats at stake. At the end of the day, the main focus is getting Iona back, and Im not sure the fury towards Glenn is enough to risk losing her daughter forever.

Krupa Pattani – Farrah Maalik

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Farrah was heartbroken when Kim was shot by Glenn, and thought she was going to lose the love of her life. She also blamed herself for the shooting, because of her affair with Grace, and Kims complete innocence in relation to this. The experience of almost losing her love through such violence, has left Farrah raging and vengeful.

Farrah isnt capable of killing Glenn herself, and doesnt want the murder to rest on anyones soul. But if killing Glenn means they are free from his terror, then she is prepared to do it, with help from the others. She isnt emotionally or mentally prepared for the consequences, because its so far off her usual moral compass. Kims shooting has brought out a guttural revenge in Farrah, thats new to her.


Daisy Wood-Davis – Kim Butterfield

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Before Kim was shot by Glenn, she was getting over her entrapment ordeal. Being shot put her back where she was before, and she started to realise what Glenn had done to other people in the village. She wants him gone for good.

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Shes already tried to kill him, by copying her Gloved Hand Killer sister! But Farrah stopped her, and she was left shocked at what she was about to do. Kim isnt a killer, but with the power of the other women by her side, shes willing to help for the greater good. I dont think shes thought about the consequences, and believes her plan will mean they will all get away with it.

Kim has joined forces with the WAGs to get rid of him for good, but as we all know, Glenn is often one step ahead, and has no limits. The man killed his own son, so I think its fair to say none of them are safe.

Nikki Sanderson – Maxine Minniver

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Glenn murdered Adam, and she wants revenge, but more importantly, Maxines motivation is Minnies safety. Glenn has threatened them both previously, and as everybody knows, Minnie is Maxines world. She would do anything to keep her safe.

Maxine isnt capable of murder, its just not the type of person she is. That said, if Minnies life, or even her own life is in danger, then she is capable of fighting back. Shes probably not prepared, because she is too wrapped up in the idea of murdering him, that the aftermath is secondary in her mind.


Maxine definitely could be the weak link, but she has a lot of strength within her. She used to be a very strong independent female, but since having her daughter her priorities have changed. So, if killing Glenn means Minnie is at risk of being alone, Maxine will falter.

Tamara Wall – Grace Black

Glenn has been controlling her for far too long, and shes had enough. Its time to fight back! Theres power in numbers, and all the women bring different qualities. She has no love for him at this point, but she has a long and twisted history with him which cant be forgotten.

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