Time to talk: Jac and Fletch (Picture: BBC)

The will they/wont they of Jac and Fletch has been going on for many months now; its even survived Fletchs fling with CEO Abigail Tate and Jac being nearly dead several times. This week, it was almost allowed to blossom into a proper Thing. Almost.

Steven Fletcher found himself back on Darwin after passing out and falling down some stairs at a train station. Jac was able to sort out the ensuing collapsed lung without too much trouble, and was also able to give Steven the good news that he didnt have the hereditary lung condition that had killed his father. This wasnt great news for Fletch, because theres a slim chance that he or the Fletchlings might have the condition. He was angry that Jac had kept the information from him, although she told him it would have been unethical to tell him.

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Steven pointed out to his son that Jac really cares about him and had only been looking out for his best interests. Then Frieda had a word with Fletch, too, and told him to get whatever was going on with him and Jac sorted out, because it was getting really irritating. This led to an excellent conversation between Jac and Fletch in which she said, This is sounding like youre building up to asking me out. Maybe I am, he replied, testing the water a bit. There was a long pause during which Jac didnt say anything, so Fletch said, Would you like me to be asking you out? Her reply: No. She doesnt make it easy, does she?

Later on, Fletch decided he wasnt going to budge from Jacs office until she talked to him properly. You do such a good job of hiding who you really are, he said accurately, but Ive looked and Ive seen whats inside and I like it a lot. And they kissed! Bless. But then she pushed him away and told him he wasnt good enough for her. Seasoned Jac watchers will know this really means Im completely toxic and you really dont deserve that because youre lovely. Poor Fletch took it literally though.

Holby City Series 20
Now Serena has a wedding to organise (Picture: BBC)

Another one who takes things literally is, of course, Jason. Upon seeing a man die on AAU he started worrying about what would happen to his partner and baby if he should die too. He decided to ask Ric Griffin for legal advice, as Ric has recently had quite a bit to do with the legal system. Ric has also had quite a bit to do with the concept of marriage, and he suggested that if Jason and Greta got married it would make things legally simpler and thered also be tax and pension benefits. Are the tax and pension benefits the reason youve been married so many times? Jason asked him.

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Having decided hed propose to Greta, Jason wasnt short of advice about how to go about it. Zav and Donna had plenty of ideas, but Serena (in a new lime green shirt that Im not sure about at all) wasnt keen on the idea, because she thought the bulk of the wedding preparations would fall on her. She loves Jason to bits, though, and what makes him happy makes her happy. When she found him feeling stressed because he was overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice she told him to do things in whatever way works for him. So he rang Greta, asked her to marry him, told her about the tax and pension benefits, and she said yes and asked him to pick up some more nappies on his way home.

lofty dominic holby-1468
Dominics feeling broody (Picture: BBC)

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If only all relationships were as straightforward as that. The latest fly in the Dofty ointment is that Dominic is feeling broody, and Lofty really isnt. Dominic had received baby pictures from none other than our old friends Malick and Nathan, whove just become dads, and it made him realise that hes now mature enough and calm enough to be a father. Or is he? Absolutely, said Sacha, in one of those precious scenes where Sacha gives out kindly advice. Loftys main concern seems to be that he adores his mum, and feels funny about bringing up a child without a mum. For now hes told Dominic that he can see them having children one day – its vague, but enough to put a smile on Dominics face.


In other news, Pulses has had what Dominic described as a hipster makeover, Jac is already slightly irritated by Sachas morning bathroom routine, and Julie Bloom and a lot of other Gaskell patients want to know when hell be back.

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