EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street spoilers
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Life changing decisions are being made in soapland as the drama continues, with Laurel Thomas sending Bob Hope on a one way trip to dumpsville in Emmerdale and Carmel Kazemi saying a final farewell to EastEnders. Over in Coronation Street, there are romantic decisions for Kate Connor and Rana Nazir but its all about to go a bit wrong while over in Hollyoaks, Courtney Campbell makes a move that could be the end of someone else.

Thats not all thats going on either – not by a long shot! Theres also fresh devastation, a heartbroken mother, a baby fallout, a blast from the past, a breakdown, a return, a family fallout, a prison drama, a shocking secret, a new romance, a major mistake, a reunion, a love cheat and a kidnap.

And we have it all here!

Coronation Street

Sally makes plans in Coronation Street
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1. Sally is standing up for all of the women in prison by launching a campaign to get more recreational classes and the inmates are impressed by her passion but Gina soon knocks the wind out of Sally at visiting time when she cruelly reminds her that she isnt the mayor anymore.

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2. As Rana returns from the cruise with her mum Saira, Kate is planning a proposal, unaware that Rana has the same idea. But as they celebrate their engagement, Kate comments on what a good mum Rana is going to make and Imran soon spots Ranas wary reaction to this.

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3. Carla is less than impressed to find that Nick is her new business partner in Underworld and sets about doing some digging in his business back in Nottingham. Before long, she makes a discovery and then comes face to face with Elsa, who has turned up to confront Nick.

4. In a bid to cheer Ryan up as he prepares to come home from hospital, Michelle sets up a date for him with Bethany. As Ryan is discharged, he opens up about his nightmares to Bethany and they are soon sharing a kiss.

Sophie makes a mistake in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

5. Paula takes an old lawyer friend out to dinner but Sophie is miffed by the way he talks to her and she tears a strip off him. Later, Paula tells Sophie she has made a big mistake – he could be the judge overseeing Sallys trial.

6. When Evelyn is spotted wearing Veras earrings, Fiz has decided that enough is enough. Evelyn sees this coming and so plays the sympathy card before Tyrone can kick her out. But has she got one over on Fiz?

7. Tracy and Steve decide that they are going to give their marriage another shot but Amy walks in and is totally against the idea. Adam advises her to draw up a contract to her parents will behave reasonably this time.

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8. Its an emotional day for Carmel as she says goodbye to her friends and neighbours and sets about handing out important belongings of Shakils to the people he cared about. She then takes a final look at his poster and says a final farewell to Kush before setting off.

9. Hayley arrives home and is overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming a mum so leaves her newborn daughter on the doorstep of Mariam and Arshad. Arshad wants to go to social services immediately but Mariam reckons they should give Hayley a chance to change her mind.

(Picture: BBC)

10. Max and Rainie are stirred to see Cora heading to see Ian and race over to find out what is going on. Later, Max gets a new solicitor and is told that he has a good case while Cora admits to Martin that she is struggling with Abi.

(Picture: BBC)

11. Stuart arrives at the Vic to see Linda after she ditches Ritchie as Micks lawyer. After talking, they arrange to meet up again and Tina follows Linda and gives them both a piece of her mind. But what Linda does next shocks her.

12. Mel is annoyed when Ray lies that he cant afford the engagement ring that she has picked out and when he later realises that he has been caught out, he tries his best to pull the wool over Mels eyes again.

13. After her baby is taken to hospital, Hayley fights for another chance and both Kat and Mariam support her. But when she gets her baby back, she heads home with Bev, who is trying her best to act as the model mother.

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Paddy and Rhona worry at the surgery in Emmerdale
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14. Paddy is overwhelmed as he tries to focus on work, only to be told that the surgery is struggling financially. And when the cat that he is operating on dies, Paddy breaks down and is consoled by a worried Rhona.

15. Laurel continues to harbour doubts about Bob, despite Dougs attempts to persuade her to give things more time. And when he is found stripping in the Woolpack, Laurel snaps as he tries to drag her onto stage – and dumps him.

16. Moira is worried for Debbie when she sees that she is struggling to make ends meet and she suggests to Cain that he invites her to move in with them. Meanwhile, Debbie is worried when she gets a court date through.

(Picture: ITV)

17. Jessie is concerned when she finds out that Billy has been involved in an incident in prison that could impact on his release date but seeing how much his mum is upset leaves Ellis annoyed, leading to another row.

18. Aaron and Robert talk about their plans to have their own baby but when Aaron prepares to share the idea of surrogacy with loved ones, Robert asks him to hold back, making Aaron realise he isnt so sure about it.

Debbie gets a text from Joe in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

19. Charity finds an upset Debbie crying over missing Joe but as she reaches out to her daughter, Debbie is suddenly shocked to receive a text from Joes number with a message saying Im sorry.

20. Rishi is upset as footage of him from the stripper night circulates online, making him a figure of fun at the factory.



Liam finds out in Hollyoaks
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

21. As Liam continues to investigate Glenns death, Grace records Kims confession and warns the other WAGs that if anyone cracks, they will all go down. But when Liam then blackmails Courtney with access to Iona, she decides she has no choice…

22. When Darren goes round to check on Nancy following her collapse, they end up sharing a passionate kiss but Darren stops things going any further so an angry Nancy tells him that she faked the collapse.

23. Martine is horrified to discover that Louis is still carrying on with Leela so hatches a plan to expose his two timing ways once and for all. But when he sees a note from her, he tries to intercept it before Leela sees it.

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24. Sinead heads to the airport to pick up Hannah and coaxes Sami into giving her a lift. But when she is then seen running frantically towards him with Hannah, Sami fears that she has kidnapped her.

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25. Tom reaches out to Peri and offers to let her have Steph for the day. As Peri enjoys spending time with her, she realises how much she has been missing out on by being absent from her life.

Whats next?

  • Who isnt as okay with a betrayal as they are making out and is secretly planning a revenge to make someone who has hurt them pay?
  • Who is left in serious danger when a date turns nasty with them and who will come to their rescue?
  • Who betrays a relative in a cruel way that could see their life destroyed forever – and will they put things right before its too late?
  • Whose wedding descends into chaos when one of the couple makes a shocking discovery and lashes out with violence.
  • Who hits rock bottom as the guilt of a recent act overwhelms them and causes them to take spiteful action?

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