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Things are set to get deadly on Neighbours, and both Piper and Sonya are the ones who should watch out.

Susan is dealing with the fallout from her attempted murder charge after confessing she wanted Finn dead. What will happen next for the school teacher? Is she really a murderer deep down?

Paul receives a surprise in the form of a familiar face returning to cheer him up – and he could be set to woo her.

Chloe finally tells the truth about her diagnosis, but it could have huge consequences for Aaron whos hoping to father a child.

Pipers life is left hanging in the balance when Alice strikes and leaves her for dead.

And Sonya starts to experience pain and sickness at the hands of Alice – how far will this woman go?!

Here are your spoilers for the week ahead.

1. Susan gets released on bail

(picture: Channel 5)

Susan is released on bail after having confessed to Detective Shaw that she wanted Finn to die. With an attempted murder charge hanging over her, she insists to an exasperated Karl that she just couldnt live with the lie. Whats next for the principle? But while Susan is worried about getting forgiveness from Bea, the rest of Ramsay Street turn their backs on her, blaming her for Susans predicament.

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Susan is in for a shock when she arranges for Elly to temporarily take over the school, only to be told a stranger will be taking her place.

2. Plain Jane is back!

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(picture: Channel 5)

Jane Harris shows up at the hotel and Paul is only too happy to let her stay in the penthouse when her room suffers an electrical fault. Turns out Terese, Leo and Amy are behind pushing the two together, and when Paul finds out hes fuming.

But after some choice words from Amy, Paul starts to reconsider things. Can he see a romance blossoming with Jane?

3. Terese and Leo talk about having children

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Terese is suddenly hung up on the age gap between her and Leo and theres something big on her mind – babies. She worries that shell be ruining his chance of ever being a father.

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But after a stern talking to from both Piper and Leo, she realises that babies dont matter any more, all she wants is to be with Leo. Will he feel the same?

4. Chloe reveals her diagnosis

After months of living with news of her diagnosis by herself, Chloe is finally forced to confront the issue when Aaron and David start talking having children of their own. The two have decided they want to get a surrogate, and Chloe is distraught that should Aaron be a carrier for the gene, he could pass it on to his children. Shes forced to make a decision, and finally comes clean to her brothers. How will they take the news and the fact shes covered it up for so long?

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5. Alice leaves Piper for dead

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(picture: Channel 5)

Alice is so busy trying to take Sonya down by lacing her food with drugs, shes taken her eye off the ball and is left petrified when she hears of Toadie and Sonyas plan to track down Andreas real mother.

Alice learns that Paul is sending some important information to Toadies office, and realises she has to intercept it. But as she does so, shes disturbed by Piper. Seeing only one option, she grabs a weapon and cracks Piper over the head, before staging a break in and scarpering, leaving Piper for dead. Will Piper be found in time?

6. Aaron refuses to take Huntingtons test

The Brennans are all at a loss as to what to do with Chloes information, and Elly makes sure shes there for her. Mark immediately books himself in for a test to see if hes a carrier too, but Aaron refuses. Hes too afraid to hear the outcome, and would rather go on without knowing than take the test. How will David react and what will it mean for their children?

7. Alice cuts Sonya off from her drugs supply

Alices deadly game goes up a notch as Sonya becomes an emotional wreck, with Alice manipulating Toadie into going to see Andrea while Sonyas insecurities take hold.

Later, Sonya is left in pain and feeling physically sick – shes completely unaware she is suffering withdrawal symptoms as Alice has stopped slipping her drugs. What will happen next as Alice continues her awful scheme?

Scenes air from Monday 26 November at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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