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EastEnders Mick Carter will shortly be returning as Linda exacts her plan to get the truth – but how far will she go to get it? And how will Stuart Highway react?

Shes already gone pretty far, shunning her entire family, and even Mick, in a bid to make Stuart really believe she had feelings for him in order to get him to confess. And with Mick set to make his return shortly, we know whatever she does, it works. But what will happen to Linda when Stuart – the man so ruthless he shot himself in order to frame Mick – finds out exactly what she did?

A special upcoming two-hander episode will see things get serious, and speaking to, Kellie Bright teased that Linda wont be safe with Stuart still around.

Youll just have to watch the two-hander, I cant tell you any of that! she teased when asked how much danger shes in. All Ill say is when I read the episode I read it like a book and I was really excited about it, I felt like it was a really great episode and it was very dynamic and it had a lot in it.

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Because thats the thing with two-handers, its only two people talking for half an hour so youve got to make it exciting to watch. I was really excited by it so… thats all I can say.

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Hopefully when Micks back hell be there to protect his wife, but first hes got something on his mind – revenge. And Lindas not going to like it.

I think her main concern is that then he will end up in prison, Kellie explained. Its that more than anything, for her Micks home, thats all she wants.

”Micks here, lets just push everything thats happened, lets forget about it, draw a line under and just move on”, thats what she wants to happen and of course that cant happen straight away. So I think its just the fear for him really, not the fear of what he could potentially do to the man but just where its going to land Mick.

It sounds like the special the two-hander is exactly what weve been waiting for as we finally see Lindas plan come to fruition, but its been hard work for the actress to pull it off.

(Picture: BBC)

Asked what it was like to film, she said: I think life is busy and I just felt like – I thought “well Ill approach it like anything else”, but if anything just giving it more time, you have to give it more time, more rehearsal and just think about it a bit more because the speed we film at.

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That doesnt slow down when youre filming a two-hander; you still have to be able to shoot in the time youve got to shoot it.

She added: So it was all about the prep for it and I just tried to do as much work as I could and give it everything that I could give it to do it justice, thats all I wanted to do with it really, squeeze everything out of it that I could. I didnt want to waste it because they dont come along very often.

The special two-hander episode airs Thursday 13 December at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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