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Linda Carters plan to get Mick out of prison has well and truly been set in motion in EastEnders, as she finally got what she needed from Stuart Highway to make her Christmas wish come true. The Carter matriarch certainly went to extreme lengths to save her family, proving to everyone that she is a true soap queen.

Its been five years since Linda arrived in Walford and, since then, shes become one of EastEnders most loved characters. In that time shes had her fair share of heartache, from marital problems to monetary struggles, but like any resident of Albert Square, shes managed to come out the other side stronger than ever.

When it comes to family, theres little that Linda wouldnt do. Whether using her wits or her words, its safe to say that she would go to the ends of the earth to protect those closest to her, as weve seen this past week, and this got us thinking about all of the times that Walfords resident landlady proved to be queen of more than just the Vic.

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Saving the market

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Not long after the Carter clan arrived in Walford, the residents of Albert Square were faced with the daunting news that the market was to be shut down. Ever the rebellious type, Linda channelled that inner Les Miserables spirit of hers to aid her new friends in their campaign to save their stalls.

Linda led the rebellion, allowing the market-traders to use her beloved pub as a base, where they could make protest posters and signs. She also accompanied the people out onto Bridge Street, and joined them in sitting down in the middle of the road so that market inspector Aleks Shirov would know they meant business.

Proposing to Mick

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Mick and Linda might just be the strongest couple in EastEnders history, which is why we were shocked back in 2014 to learn that they had never officially tied the knot. This all changed the following year, however, when the pair started discussing the possibility of making their love for each other official.

After Micks failed attempt at a Christmas proposal led to the revelation that his brother Dean had raped Linda, the female head of the Carter family decided to take matters into her own hands, and stamp all over societys archaic gender roles by proposing to Mick during a live segment of the shows 30th anniversary week.

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Standing up to Dean

After being raped by Dean, Linda understandably found it hard to cope. The next year proved difficult for her, as she attempted to rebuild her life following her ordeal, which was almost impossible with her abuser still living on the Square.

By the end of 2015, she was ready to begin the next chapter of her life and, with her wedding to Mick imminent, she told her rapist what she really thought of him – a confrontation which led to Dean admitting what he did.

This admission of guilt may not have been the prison sentence the Carters were hoping for, but it was something Linda needed to be able to move on. It was a truly inspiring scene — one that was aided by Kellie Brights electric performance — and will likely remain the Carter matriarchs finest for years to come.

Putting Whitney in her place

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While the Carters have been responsible for many of EastEnders greatest stories over the last few years, I cant say I was too crazy about Micks brief infatuation with Whitney Dean, which took place while his beloved wife was away tending to her sick mother.

Linda wasnt pleased to learn of what had been going on in her absence, and she gave Whitney a much-needed piece of her mind when she returned. It was a long time coming, and was incredibly rewarding to watch, as she rebuked her daughter-in-law over her actions, before showing her the door in a scene that wouldve made even the almighty Angie Watts proud.


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Thankfully, Mick soon came to his senses and realised his mistake, as Lindas return reminded him that she is the only woman for him. #CoupleGoals.

Telling Aidan where to go

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Mick and Lindas relationship was back on track by the end of 2017, but the subsequent year got off to a rocky start for the pair when Phil Mitchells prison pal Aidan Maguire started to pester and ultimately threaten them.

After weeks of allowing the Irish gangster to walk all over them, the Carters decided that enough was enough, and they made a bid to take back control.

Knowing full well that she was sick and tired of playing along with Aidans twisted games, Mick left it up to his wife to give the thug his marching orders. In an unforgettable moment, Linda channelled her inner Peggy Mitchell and told Aidan to get out of her pub.

Peggy would be proud, girl.

Playing Stuart

(Picture: BBC)

There are many words you could use to describe Linda Carter. Strong, independent and loyal are just a few that come to mind. Well, that loyalty of hers was truly put to the test during the shooting storyline earlier this year, when Stuart Highway was gunned down in the Queen Vic.

With Mick having gone to prison for the crime, Linda seemingly turned her back on her main man, believing him to be capable of such a devilish act. So much for faaaaamily loyalty, eh? Well, it turns out that she had every intention of remaining loyal to Mick as, the flamingo-loving landlady was simply putting on an act to fool Stuart into believing she was finished with her hubby, so that she could get to the truth and set the love of her life free.


She played a dangerous game, but its one that will pay off in the long run. This clever ploy is an example of Linda Carter at her very best. She really is a true soap icon.

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