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A new born baby brings some festive cheer to EastEnders, but itll be short lived as the truth about Alfie Moon is exposed and the Slaters are thrown into turmoil.

Phil Mitchell also isnt having a great time of it as hes on the receiving end of an ultimatum that throws him, and Linda Carter is shocked when she spots him and Mick in cahoots.

Mel Owen is forging ahead with her revenge plot against Ray, but as the big day arrives things begin spiralling out of control and shes left in danger.

Bernadette is left heartbroken by Tiffany but can the two girls make it up?

Theres huge fall out as one family is completely ripped apart.

20 EastEnders spoilers

  • Jean comes clean about her secret relationship.
  • Kim goes into labour in the Minute Mart store room and only Phil Mitchell is around to help.
  • Linda is left worried when she sees a conversation between Mick and Phil.
  • Louise gets the wrong end of the stick about Keanu.
  • Alfie finds out an alarming truth just as his huge secret is exposed.
  • Mick cant find it in himself to have a normal Christmas with the Carters.
  • The Slaters deal with the fall out of the truth.
  • There is an even bigger shock in store for the family.
  • Keegan receives a surprise visitor when his dad Mitch shows up to spend Christmas day with him.
  • Keanu is left rocked when he receives a voicemail from Sharon and it pushes him into the arms of Louise.
  • Kandice returns to the Square but how will the family react?
  • Kim is struggling with her new baby without Vincent by her side.
  • Tiffany leaves Bernadette heartbroken with her behaviour.
  • Ray issues Phil a shocking ultimatum – what does he have over him?
  • Mels wedding day arrives – will she be able to pull off her revenge plan?
  • Whitney confesses to Halfway that she might be pregnant.
  • Karen confronts Tiffany over what she did to Bernadette.
  • Louise gets drunk and makes a scene in The Vic.
  • There are consequences ahead for Mel, and they could be dangerous.
  • One family is ripped apart.

Monday 24th December

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Jeans behaviour starts to worry Stacey as they celebrate Arthurs birthday. Shes distracted by the worry of Alfie and Hayleys secret, and after an incident over the cake, Stacey is forced to confront her mum. And shes left fuming when she learns the truth about her and Ian.

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Alfie desperately wants to get things back on track with Kat, but when he hands her back her wedding ring she refuses to wear it.

Phil is caught in an unexpected position when a trip to the Minute Mart ends up with him being locked in the store room with Kim, who goes into labour. With no one else around hes forced to help and step in as midwife.

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Linda makes a worrying discovery after seeing an exchange between Mick and Phil.

Keanu is trapped in an awkward situation when Louise discovers a present he bought for Sharon and wrongly assumes its for her.

Tuesday 25th December

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Christmas kicks off at the Slaters with Jeans new boyfriend Ian Beale joining them for the festive feast. Kat still cant bring herself to wear Alfies wedding ring and while he continues to try to win her back, an alarming truth stops him in his tracks.

Bev upsets everyone and finds herself on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from Kat, who throws her out. But thats the least of Kats worries as Hayley decides she needs to come clean about baby Cherry, and a dramatic chain of events leads to the truth being exposed that Alfie is the father.

The Carters prepare to spend Christmas together but can Mick bring himself to put the last few months behind him?

Stacey reaches out to Max and the two end up sharing a touching moment.

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Wednesday 26th December

Kat, Alfie and Hayley Eastenders Christmas
(Picture: BBC)

Everything has descended into chaos in the Slater household after the truth finally came out. Its an impossible situation and emotions are running high as they deal with the fall out from the truth.

But just when it seems everything has been resolved, things take a shocking turn.

Thursday 27th December

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Kandice is back in the Square to celebrate Christmas, but its another visitor that shocks Keegan and Karen – Keegans dad Mitch. Karen sends him on his way, only to later discover Kandice has been hiding him in the bathroom. What have the two been up to?

Keanu is rocked when he receives an unexpected voicemail from Sharon and is later even more shocked when Louise tries to give him a kiss. With his head in a whirl, he ends up kissing her back.

Kim returns to the Square full of the joys of having a newborn, but Denise sees through it and realises shes having a hard time without Vincent.

Friday 28th December

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Mels in wedding mode, or rather, in full preparation mode to bring Ray down. Everything seems to be in place until Maddie reveals shes having doubts and puts Mels plans into jeopardy.

Bernadette agrees to meet with Tiffany that afternoon, but Tiffany bumps into Evie, who invites her to a party. Bernadette is later left heartbroken when she realises shes been stood up.

Phil is confronted by Ray who has a surprising request, but when Phil refuses Ray brings out the big guns. After taking a mysterious call, he returns to Phil and gives him a worrying ultimatum.


After spending a belated Christmas Day with her family – and Phil Mitchel – Kim finally decides on a name for her baby.

Monday 31st December

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Its the day before Mel and Rays wedding and her plan is falling into place. But the stress is getting to her and when she gets home, she has an angry rant to herself about Ray. Little does she know, Hunter has heard everything.

Louise asks Bex to buy her alcohol in The Vic which ends up with her making a scene in front of Keanu and Ray.

Tiffany begs for forgiveness from Bernadette after she once again stood her up for Evie.

Tuesday 1st January

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Its the big day – not for wedding bells, but for revenge. And naturally things dont go off without a hitch as Mel tries to exact her plan, with things very quickly taking a nose dive and leading to an explosive outcome.

Whitney reveals to Halfway that she might be pregnant but is surprised by his reaction.

Wednesday 2nd January

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As Mels revenge plot gets more and more out of hand there are dangerous consequences lying ahead.

Bernadette is still moping about Tiffany and unaware of the situation, Karen tries to get her to open up. It doesnt work, but Keegan gives her an insight and Karen immediately storms into Bernadettes room to confront Tiffany.

Thursday 3rd January

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While one family is moving in a positive direction, another is being torn apart.


Karen tries to make amends with Bernadette after her outburst at Tiffany.

Friday 4th January

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One family is left to pick up the pieces and face the consequences of earlier events.

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