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Nicky had to deal with a horrible, creepy man in tonights Holby City. The worst part about it was that shed voluntarily slept with him the night before. Talk about beer goggles.

When she got to work the next day she was shocked to find Mr Night Before – also known as Dan Chambers – was her first patient of the day. Sometimes Nicky comes across as quite cocky and confident, but this episode showed she really isnt. Shed known Dan at school, where he was the sort of boy whod never look at the sort of girl she apparently was. But whereas Nicky has grown up to become a doctor, Dan Chambers had grown up to be a thug and a creep.

nicky holby 51-8dfd
Regrets… shes had a few (Picture: BBC)

There was a patient on AAU whod been beaten almost to death the night before in the same nightclub where Nicky had met Dan. As Dan had bruised knuckles, Nicky put two and two together, but when she confronted Dan he told her to keep quiet because he had incriminating video of her.

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Dan needed emergency surgery, and while he was recovering from that Nicky managed to use his fingerprint to get into his phone to delete the pictures of her (which were mainly of her falling over drunk. It could have been so much worse). She also saw a picture that shocked her more – the AAU patient having just been beaten up by Dan.

sheilagh holby 51-24f1
Sheilagh is back (Picture: BBC)

Nickys champion at Holby is Mo, who got her to admit what was going on and advised her to do the right thing. So Nicky told the police all about Dan, and managed to get to the presentation she was due at as well. Im not sure how well this presentation went down, because she was presenting to three non-speaking supporting artists who didnt give a lot in the way of feedback.

Meanwhile, poor Sacha was struggling with his depression. His day perked up a lot when his daughter Beka surprised him with a visit. Beka is played by Bob Barrett (Sacha)s real-life daughter Francesca, and she was wonderful. There was a heartbreaking scene when Sacha (prompted by Hanssen) finally opened up to her about his depression, and even told her that hed been close to suicide. Bob Barrett is a naturally smiley actor, but I loved how for most of the episode he somehow managed to keep the customary twinkle out of his eyes – we could see that Sacha was putting on a brave face and wasnt really happy. After hed spoken honestly with Beka and arranged that she would stay with him (and Jac) for part of Christmas, he visibly relaxed and the warm Sacha smile was back.

hanssen holby 51-98d7
Happiness is a festive tie (Picture: BBC)

Henrik Hanssen was keeping an eye on Sacha, and even gave him a not-so-secret-Santa present of boxing gloves, because he knows about Sacha and Friedas basement fight club. Adorably, Hanssen and Sacha are going to have Christmas dinner together, too. Hanssen has softened such a lot in recent months, though somehow without losing his eccentricity or his charisma as an authority figure. Its this charisma that makes him the perfect fit for the currently vacant CEO job. Ric and Sacha are quite keen for him to take the job, but Hanssen said he thought a man who didnt notice that John Gaskell was a psychopath has no business being at the helm of the hospital. In my opinion a man who can rock a comedy Christmas tie that says Ho-ho-ho when pressed is more than suited to high authority.

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Dominic and Lofty were getting excited about their honeymoon. All they had to do was get through the days shift, and then it would be holiday time. Things didnt go quite according to plan, though, as Loftys nan Sheilagh was brought into the hospital with pain that she attributed to a large cheese ball. It turned out to be more serious than that, and after surgery she faced several weeks of recovery in hospital. She insisted that the boys should still go on their honeymoon, but they only got as far as a taxi in the car park and realised they wouldnt be happy leaving Sheilagh alone. So its Christmas at Holby with possibly a stripping Santa for company, if Dominic is in charge of the festivities.

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serena holby 51-73ac
Nothing says Christmas like Serena and Shiraz (Picture: BBC)

Serenas inclination was to escape the festivities altogether and go on a yoga retreat. Christmas reminded her too much of Elinor, and missing Bernie. Leah (on her last day at Holby) pointed out that she could start to make new Christmas memories with Jason, Greta and Guinevere, and finally Serena realised that would be best after all. Touchingly, Jason said he would set a place for Elinor too, so they could remember her together.

Sue Haasler is the author of the official Holby City book, which you can read about here. She also writes novels and theres information about all her books here

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