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Danger is rife in the world of soap as several characters find themselves staring death in the face. In Coronation Street, dastardly Duncan Radfield is hit by a car during an altercation with Tom Metcalfe while Emmerdales Vanessa Woodfield is left to die after she is stabbed by a hooded arsonist.

EastEnders is airing danger too as Rainie Branning collapses while Tiffany Butcher faces the wrath of nasty gang leader Evie. And Brody Hudson and Ollie Morgan face their biggest even challenge in Hollyoaks as they face evil Buster Smith in court.

You want more spoilers? Theres a big return and a murder in Emmerdale, a shocking accusation and an exit in Coronation Street, a huge struggle and some police drama in EastEnders and a brand new fear and some sparks flying in Hollyoaks.

Coronation Street

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1. Gina makes a discovery about what Duncan is hiding but without a confession, it isnt enough proof to free Sally. With this in mind, Tim heads round to beat the truth out of Duncan but when he attacks, Duncan steps into the path of a car.

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2. Jenny begs Liz not to throw Johnny to the dogs but Liz soon realises that Jenny was the one responsible for her injuries. As Liz is disgusted, Jenny and Johnny fear the worst when the police pull into the street.

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3. As Gemma tells Chesney that their recent kiss meant nothing, he is sad but decides to throw all of his efforts into his relationship with Emma. However, Gemma is lying to herself and feels bad when she sees them together.

4. Mary insists that she wont step in Angies way as she prepares to head back to South Africa to get on with her life after Jude. As Mary says an emotional goodbye to her and George, they head out of Weatherfield for good.

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5. Audrey discovers that Claudia has been having renovations done on one of her salons and confronts her, accusing her of stealing her money. As things intensify, Audrey informs the police who take Claudia in for questioning.

6. When Sinead confronts the issue of her hair falling out, Daniel is horrified to realise that she thinks he is going to stop being attracted to her. As he sets out to prove otherwise, Sinead fears what he will do.

7. Gary gets the bad news that their rent is so far in arrears that they need to move out and he also has to give Seb a pay cut. With their situation bleak, David suggests that they can move back into his house.


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8. Rainie is feeling unsteady on her feet but determined to prove that she can make Abis birthday special, she ends up collapsing. Max doubts her and gives harsh words – until he discovers the touching present she had planned for Abi.

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9. Tiffany and Bernie get closer and spend more time together but Evie stirs trouble by sharing a kiss with Tiffany in front of a gutted Bernie. Later, Bernie ends up accidentally dropping Tiffany in it over a job, leaving Evie furious.

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10. Linda is concerned for Mick as he continues to struggle but she tells him that its more than normal for him to be finding it difficult. Later, he overreacts when a child with Mitch breaks a window and they soon join forces on the local youth football team.

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11. As the police come on the same train that Tiffany and Bernie are on while Tiffany is heading out on a job, they fear that the drugs will be found. As Tiffany panics that she cant find the drugs in her bag, the police approach.

12. Mick and Mitch help football coach Caden, who is lacking confidence. But just when it seems like they are getting through to him, he suddenly quits the team, leaving it the responsibility of Mitch and Mick.

13. Keegan is suspicious when he finds that the bathroom Mitch has installed for Karen is almost identical to Kandices old one.


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14. Vanessa spots a hooded figure setting fire to the exterior of the Woolpack and tackles him but he pulls out a knife and stabs her. As a fire takes hold and Vanessa lies bleeding, the attacker speeds off in the car – but Johnny is inside.

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15. Jessie and Marlon prepare to exchange their vows again but Mandy interrupts proceedings by turning up and getting into a fight with Chas. But she has a big bombshell to drop – she has a teenage son!


16. Debbie is unnerved when she gets a delivery from missing Joe and when she learns from Priya that he planned to send a series of gifts, it doesnt add up that he would jilt her so she reports him missing to the police.

17. Maya suggests to an oblivious David that she gives Jacob private tuition lessons and he is thrilled at the prospect of having some more alone time with her. As he congratulates her on a good idea, he looks forward to their first session together.

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18. Belle is terrified when weird things start to happen and knows its down to Lachlan and when Gloria the pig is found slaughtered, she heads to the prison to confront him. He denies it but is soon making plans to up the pressure.

19. Although he tells Megan that he has his alcoholism under control, the news that Debbie has reported Joe missing leaves Graham in despair and tempted to fall off the wagon again, he reaches out to Laurel.

20. Diane points out to Bernice that she needs to start paying her way at the B & B and as the living arrangements leave her miserable, Liam suddenly suggests a solution to her problem which she is pleased with.


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21. Busters trial gets underway and Brody and Ollie struggle with the thought of testifying, with Brody punching a wall and Ollie seeking support from Luke. The jury then come back with a verdict.

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22. Sienna secretly gives Imran extra time to finish an exam but Juliet spots this and blackmails her over it. Sienna seeks Lauries help and he reassures her – but she is uncomfortable when his hand lingers on her waist.


23. Its the day of Russ will being read and Myra is certain that this means the family is going to be rich. Mercedes is equally optimistic and heads out to do some shopping but are they about to get a rude awakening?

24. Following recent events, Maxine is taken off the ventilator and starts to recover and a guilty feeling Damon heads to the hospital to see her, determined to make things right between them but will she hear him out?

25. Sparks fly between Ollie and Brooke as they start to grow closer – could romance be on the cards?

Whats next?

  • Who is suspicious that their other half is having an affair and will they confront them over it?
  • One soap regular commits a crime against a member of their own family – and desperately tries to hide their secret.
  • Someone prepares to take drastic action after their whole world falls apart but as they make plans to run away, will they be caught?
  • One struggling character makes a mistake that could cost them their relationship after they kiss someone else in a moment of despair.
  • An unlikely new relationship seems set to form between two characters who have yet to meet properly on screen – but sparks soon fly…

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