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Its a huge week in Neighbours as someone is left fighting for their life when The Waterhole becomes the scene of a siege.

Who will be shot when Ivan Renshaw arrives to get revenge?

Elsewhere, there are two farewells this week as Xanthe finally leaves for University and Susan heads to Sydney.

Theres heartbreak for Gary as all of his recent behaviours finally comes back to get him, but there are happier times for Bea and Ned as they finally get it on.

Here are all the spoilers you need for the week ahead.

Xanthe says goodbye to Erinsborough

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Xanthe is ready to give up her dreams after the lengths Gary went to to get her university fees, but Sheila isnt prepared to let her. She puts a call in to Ben to get him to convince his ex its the best way for her to go. Gary also steps up and gives her a speech – if she doesnt go all the upset hes caused will be for nothing. Theres nothing like a little emotional blackmail to kick you up the backside and it works, Xanthe decides shes ready to leave Ramsay Street.

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Her friends and family gather as she waves goodbye to the Street, in turn leaving Finn behind her too. Shes ready for a fresh start and is excited for her new future.

Susan is busted by Bea

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Susan cant let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to Finn, his backstory is still preying on her mind. She decides to seek out Shaun to find out more, and he is more than happy to talk. He gives her a letter Finn wrote during his time as a hostage, explaining that his relationship between him and his mum and step-dad led to them leaving him behind with the kidnappers. But Susan is caught as she gleans this information – Bea is shocked to find her still looking into Finns past.

Ned and Bea get it on

Bea is ready for her first gig at The Waterhole, managing to push Liz out of her mind. But its Sheila who manages to upset Bea as she hits on her insecurities. Ned comes to her rescue who gives her a pep talk and she ends up smashing it. Shes so happy after the gig and in such a loved up state she gets close to Ned – and they end up between the sheets!

Amy and Gary are over

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Amy cant forgive everything Gary has done with Dipi and the dodgy deals he got himself mixed up in. They share a moment as she tends to him after Shane vents his anger, but its not enough to repair the damage. He broke her trust and she cant get over it, theyre over. She later decides she needs space and wants to leave town. Can he convince her to stay?

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Mark to rejoin the police?

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Fay encourages Mark to consider rejoining the police so he turns to Toadie for help in overturning his termination. He suggests Mark use his frame of mind from the time he was sacked to appeal – he was dealing with the loss of baby Caitlin when it all happened. Mark refuses, he doesnt want to sully her memory like that. But Sonya gives him a talking to – it would be the perfect way to honour her life. Will Mark be rejoining the boys in blue?

Susan leaves Ramsay Street

After everything shes been through lately, Susan is ready to leave. Shes heading to Sydney for an MS trial and to tie up loose ends she attempts to explain to Bea why she was speaking to Shaun. She hands the letter to Bea and asks her to send it back to Shaun, but as Susan leaves, Bea is left with the letter in her hand and a lot of curiousity…

Who is shot in the huge siege?

(Picture: Channel 5)

Delaneys arrival in Ramsay Street has bigger repercussions than anyone could have ever imagined. Having successfully split up Leo and Terese, shes unwittingly about to unleash untold damage. Her uncle Ivan arrives on the street and hes angry. With a gun in hand he takes over The Waterhole during a function, and hes not afraid to use the weapon.

As things get heated, Leo and Terese rush to stop him, but he fires the gun. Who will be shot?


Scenes air from Monday 7 January at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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