Colby and Dean disposed of the evidence after Colby murdered Ross (Picture: Channel 5)

Ever since Ross murder, Colby has been hoping his secret would remain that way. But its had a huge impact on those around him, with Chelsea breaking off their brand-new marriage and Dean suffering from nightmares after helping his friend dispose of the evidence.

Colby is devastated to receive a text from McCarthy, saying they need to talk as soon as possible due to a breakthrough in the Ross investigation. Is his secret about to be discovered?

Meeting with Dean and Willow on the beach, he breaks the news to them, but before he can leave, Willow drags him into the gym and says she knows everything. Colby is stunned, while Willow tells him off for putting Dean in this position, explaining how hes been struggling.

Dean has been struggling since the traumatising ordeal (Picture: Channel 5)

When Dean goes to see Colby at the pier apartment, Colby reassures him that hell take the full blame for what happened to Ross if McCarthy has discovered the truth. Although he resists at first, he stops when Colby says he will need someone on the outside to look after Bella.



Colby heads to the station, and McCarthy starts to question him, saying that parts of the case dont add up. Colby says he cant remember everything that happened that day due to his grief and shock. Will McCarthy buy it?

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