Until confirming this week, with the above trailer, that Klepper would premiere on May 9 at 10:30 P.M., Comedy Central had been tight-lipped about the upcoming docuseries marking the return of Jordan Klepper, the former Daily Show correspondent and host of the late-night program The Opposition. There was one bit of news, though, that came out beyond its control: in February, Klepper was arrested while his crew filmed his participation in an Atlanta-based protest in support of undocumented students. Klepper was cited for criminal trespass; in a statement at the time on Instagram, he wrote, “Yesterday I learned many things. Police cars are not built for lanky giraffe bodies was one. Another, there are good people fighting good fights across this land. In Georgia they are denying college admission and tuition benefits to undocumented students. . . . We need more thoughtful, curious, educated young adults dedicated to making this place better.”

During his tenure at Comedy Central, Klepper has become known for his gift with field work—as seen both in field pieces on The Daily Show and The Opposition and in his special, Jordan Klepper Solves Guns. Field work has long played a part in Comedy Centrals late-night lineup, with several comedians coming away with memorable stories including, say, running from the K.K.K. and confronting blowhards like Alex Jones in person. Klepper, especially, has demonstrated a wry sensibility that has served him well in past interviews—a positive sign that his new docuseries could yield some fascinating material, as the trailer demonstrates in moments such as Kleppers conversation with a man advocating for the deportation of war veterans.

“It just feels like we should be more empathetic to those people who have made the choice to serve for this country,” Klepper tells the man. “But . . . tough titties?”

“Yeah,” the man responds. “Tough titties.” Kleppers response? “Cold.”

The shows premiere episode will cover a group of military veterans who use professional wrestling to help them cope with their P.T.S.D.—and examine the struggles veterans face in trying to get the care they need when they return home from war. Subsequent episodes will cover topics including a protest against a major oil pipeline, one of the first Native American women elected to Congress, and African-American entrepreneurs trying to break into the weed industry. Each episode will be accompanied by a filmed podcast, in which Klepper and his producers will discuss behind-the-scenes details of making the episode, as well as how their perspectives changed upon completion—plus Klepper will interview experts in the episodes chosen fields.

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