Just in case you dont have time re-watch seven seasons of Game of Thrones before the upcoming premiere—its only 67 episodes; whats wrong with you?—we here at Vanity Fair will be recapping every single season of the show to make sure key events are fresh in your mind. Since this is a rather daunting undertaking—its 67 episodes; what do you expect of us?!—weve boiled each season down to the essential arc of each surviving main character set to do battle in Season 8.

If you feel a little more ambitious, theres an extra-credit section below with additional information that could be good to remember when the series returns. (Just because a character has died, for instance, that doesnt mean theyre unimportant!) For a more in-depth look at some of the key episodes of Game of Thrones, you can dive into Vanity Fairs list of the 15 most essential episodes of Game of Thrones to re-watch before the final season. But for now, heres Season 5.

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Essential Information

Cersei Lannister, Queen Regent of Westeros, buries her father Tywin, is jealous of Queen Margaery Tyrell, is worried about her daughter, Myrcella, in Dorne, tries to make a powerful ally in a religious figure known as the High Sparrow and his Faith Militant followers, and has Loras Tyrell arrested. Cersei is then taken prisoner by the High Sparrow, charged with adultery, incest, and regicide. She has all her hair chopped off; takes a long, awful walk through the streets of Kings Landing; and collapses in the arms of Qyburn and her new, undead bodyguard: the Mountain.

Jaime Lannister, Her Twin Brother, teams up with the sellsword-turned-knight Bronn to travel to Dorne to rescue his daughter, Myrcella, from the Martells who are more than a little ticked about the death of Prince Oberyn. (You remember, sexy rakish guy who had his head popped?) Jaimes stay in Dorne is a mixed success as he tangles with Oberyns daughters, the Sand Snakes, and his brother, Prince Doran—but ultimately, he winds up taking his daughter and her fiancé, Trystane Martell, back to Kings Landing. Just as theyre leaving Dorne and Jaime confesses to Myrcella that hes her dad (not her uncle), the girl dies in his arms thanks to a poisonous kiss she received from Oberyns paramour: Ellaria Sand.

Tyrion Lannister, Her Other Brother, arrives in Essos, drinks some wine, throws up, drinks more wine, begins traveling with Varys toward Meereen, visits a brothel in Volantis, is captured by Ser Jorah, sails through Valyria, is almost killed by Stone Men, is captured by slavers, convinces them to sRead More – Source

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