Kuppathu Raja movie review Kuppathu Raja movie review: The plot of Kuppathu Raja is like any other average gangster film.

Kuppathu Raja movie cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Parthiepan, Poonam Bajwa
Kuppathu Raja movie director: Baba Bhaskar
Kuppathu Raja movie rating: One star


While watching a commercial film, there are questions you should never ask. Dont ask why the hero ogles women. Dont ask why he disrespects others. Dont ask why hes aimless. Dont ask why he speaks filth. Just be convinced that the makers are trying to cater to the actors fan base so that his audience is entertained. Most importantly, never expect something new and visit the theaters. You know that the protagonist, though a rowdie, cant be evil. He shouldnt be, rather.

Drunkards. Rowdies. Blood-stained sickles. Streets filled with garbage. Thats how most of the films stereotype north Madras, including Kuppathu Raja. Baba Bhaskar attempts to tell the story of Rocket (GV Prakash) as we get a peek into the lives of people in this locality. At the same time, Baba Bhaskars camera is more tempted to show Poonam Bajwas waist and navel. This happens more than once as one of the kids casually tells Rocket, “Show paatha illa, enaku kaasu kudu!” I hope you get the reference. Throughout the film, Mary (Poonam Bajwa) is called biscoth aunty, and I wonder why she agreed to act in this. Theres obscenity, derision in the guise of humour and double entendres.

A character refers to Mary as “piece”. “Pudhu piece-a iruku”, asks one of them, and the other replies, “Palichchunu irundha paarvaigal padathaan seiyyum.” Rocket approaches Mary and says, “neenga semma katta!” Worst, Mary doesnt react to it. She stays true to her name and sports a calm expression on her face all the time.


The plot of Kuppathu Raja is like any other average gangster film. This template is recycled film after film, with no progression in thought, and theres hardly any aspect of nuance found in the making.

Parthiepan plays Rajendran, an ardent fan of MGR. In the beginning, Rocket doesnt like him. But a series of untoward incidents make Rocket believe iRead More – Source

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