K-Pop band ATEEZ experienced a rise to fame that many would envy. After the eight members debuted in October, theyve already built up a huge following and sold out shows around the world.

After training under the name KQ Fellaz, the eight of them quickly became known as ATEEZ and proceeded to completely sell out their US tour after dropping their first record Treasure EP.1: All To Zero.

The lads – Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho – are certain that the unique nature of K-Pop has a lot to do with their success so far.

Theres a lot of individual talent in one group, thats a [reason] why K-Pop can grow and why people love it, Hongjoong explained. K-Pop artists have a unique position.

Although there are a lot of artists in the world, what sets K-Pop apart in the music industry, is that there are a lot of members together in one group, and they try to incorporate a lot of genres, such as Latin and hip-hop, so a lot of fans in the world love it, regardless of the genre of the music.



Such a rapid rise to fame might seem intimidating. But the Say My Name singers seem to completely take it in their stride.

We could be overwhelmed by the rapid popularity, but were more grateful to our fans, Hongjoong reasoned. Of course, theres some luck involved!

And when they say theyre grateful to their fans ATINY (a combination of the group name and the word destiny), they definitely mean it.

They value their stage presence and charisma (Picture: ATEEZ)

Its difficult to explain in one word [what they mean to us]. ATINY is our hopes, our dream, our treasure, I can tell you one thing, ATINY is our everything, the boys pointed out.

Theyre our friends, and I hope they feel like that too, that we are their friends.

But, since there are so many K-Pop bands crushing it worldwide and even more waiting on the sidelines ready to debut, it can be difficult for groups to make their music stand out.

Above all, ATEEZ value their charisma and stage presence to make them stand out in a saturated industry.

ATEEZs music is mostly showy and we have powerful performances, so we think that music makes us stand out in the industry, Yunho explained.

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One of the reasons we happen to be popular in this industry is there are a lot of artists before we debuted, they added. We try to put more effort into creating great stage presence and great music.

However, very few artists get to where they are without their idols. For Jongho, its Bruno Mars and Korean singer Park Hyo Shin.



The general reason why I really look up to these singers is Ive been listening to their music since I was young. Those two artists really affect me in the way I do music, the way I sing, he smiled.

They quickly rose to fame after debuting in October (Picture: ATEEZ)

Its no secret that often bands with far fewer members disband due to creative differences or disagreements, but ATEEZ seem to have mastered the tricks of the trade to make sure all eight of them are on the same page.

We might disagree over the menus of the dinner, for example, the boys joked, but we try to overcome our disagreements by understanding each other and respecting each other, so overall eight makes one team.

Eight makes one team (Picture: ATEEZ)

Elaborating, they continued: So theres a slogan, which is our motto, “Eight makes one team” so we try to gather different opinions into one, we try to help each other and respect each other.

How very wholesome.

Yeosang pointed out: Weve been living in different circumstances and different environments, so we try to understand each other to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Hongjoong added: We keep time for talking with each other, not like Saturday or Sunday, just every time when we have some trouble, or we have a discussion, or a decision, were always talking with each other, so we can solve many problems and we can trust each other.

As for the future of K-Pop? The ATEEZ boys have got high hopes.


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