Jett is facing a new life as a paraplegic (Picture: Channel 5)

Tensions have been running high at home for Marilyn (Emily Symons) and John (Shane Withington) as they adjust to caring for Jett (Will McDonald). Home from the hospital and struggling with his new life in a wheelchair, it soon becomes apparent theres more to his condition than physical injuries.

With the knowledge several of his men died as a result of the explosion in Afghanistan, Jett has been insistent he needs to travel to the funeral for one of them, having already missed the first one. When they return, Marilyn frets to Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she feels the trip might have been a bad idea. However, Irene makes the point that she cant shield him from that and it may turn out to be a good thing for him.

John says that Jett was talking to all the guests at the funeral, telling them stories about their time away and providing support, so he feels that it may have been just what their son needed. He also says that the funeral was wonderful, and how hes grateful it isnt Jett theyre forced to bury.

Jett is visited by Marilyn and John in hospital
Jett learns to use his wheelchair, supported by Marilyn and John (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Jett is sullen and goes for a shower, ignoring Marilyns offer of afternoon tea and her apology for the hotel mix-up, where she booked a location which didnt have wheelchair access. Later on, he says hes going to stay up watching TV, but instead pulls out the funeral service of order and sits in the dark.



In the morning, Marilyn and John find that Jett hasnt gone to bed at all. When Marilyn offers him breakfast and he asks for pancakes, they feel more positive, but then he refuses to go to physio. Marilyn and John try to support him, saying a break may do him good, but Jett says he doesnt want to go because he should be the one whos dead…

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