Mason (Orpheus Pledger) could face jail time (Picture: Channel 5)

Mason (Orpheus Pledger) has had an upcoming trial looming over him for the past few weeks after being caught with a stash of cannabis to make Raffys (Olivia Deeble) CBD oil. Forced to abandon the medical trial for his sisters epilepsy, and seeing her symptoms immediately begin to worsen again, Mason has begun to campaign for the use of medical cannabis, which resulted in a front page spread in the Coastal News. To the dismay of his family, his lawyer admits its uncertain whether this will impact his case – and whats more, the trial has been moved forwards, to the following Monday.

Taking immediate action, Mason and Justin (James Stewart) go to meet with his lawyer to see what their options are now the time frame to prepare is much smaller. Meanwhile, Tori (Penny McNamee) is furious with Mason, believing that the article is an act of self-sabotage that could ruin his chances in court.



Later on, Mason and Justin speak to Leah (Ada Nicodemou) in the diner after meeting with the lawyer, and reveal that they have one option – they could find a medical professional to testify in court about the benefits of CBD oil on epilepsy. Mason is concerned they wont find someone in time, and is dubious when Leah suggests they ask Tori, especially considering how furious she is with him.

Mason (Orpheus Pledger) stopped by police with cannabis
Mason (Orpheus Pledger) faces court for supplying cannabis to Raffy (Olivia Deeble) (Picture: Channel 5)

Justin speaks with Tori back at the house, asking if shed consider speaking in court on Masons behalf. Tori is taken aback, and doesnt know what to say. She admits it isnt something she thinks shed be comfortable doing, as she doesnt believe in the benefits of the oil and isnt on the same page as Mason about using it for medical purposes.

Mason is frustrated, and tells her to forget it. But with Justin, he expresses his fears about going to jail, and is at a loss at what to do. The next morning, Raffy overhears Mason telling Tori and Justin that the medical cannabis advocacy groups arent willing to speak out in support of his trial in court, and hes quickly running out of options. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Raffy tells Tori she wants just ten minutes of her time to talk about the trial.

Putting the trial diary in front of her, Raffy explains how her symptoms improved while she was on the oil and got worse the moment shRead More – Source

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