As far as early-aughts television goes, few series were as of their time as The Simple Life, starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The reality show revolved around the two celebrities—2000s-era pioneers in the “famous for doing nothing” space—traveling to small towns and working regular jobs, the punch line being that they were too young, rich, and beautiful to understand how to (briefly) live blue collar lives. Surprisingly, this formula worked for five seasons from 2003 to 2007, powered by Hiltons dumb blonde persona (“What is Walmart? Do they sell wall stuff?”) and Richies genuinely inspired comedic timing. The show eventually ended after the duo had a falling out. Hilton then ditched reality TV for music and DJing, while Richie went into fashion and acting (RIP Great News!).

But what if…its not over? On Tuesday, a Twitter account with the handle @TheSimpleLife tweeted a promo image from the original show with the hashtag #SimpleLife6 and the ever-suspicious eyeball emoji, quickly generating reboot buzz online.

Then things got more suspicious. Fans noticed the account (which, to be fair, is unverified) only followed three other accounts: Hilton, her top frenemy Lindsay Lohan, and Netflix. That sparked rumors that this new potential reboot would revolve around Lohan and Hilton, courtesy of the streaming titan. The account also shared a photo of Hilton and Lohan, to make things a bit more obvious.

Last time we checked, Lohan and Hilton were still in deep in frenemy territory, with Hilton calling Lohan “lame and embarrassing” as recently as May. So, unfortunately, this reboot rumor seems like its just that—a rumor (and you know how Lohan feels about rumors). A source told E! News that there is no reboot in the works.

As of now, the account has already accrued more than 13,000 followers, but it does not appear that Lohan and Hilton are among that crowd. Reps for Netflix have not yet responded toVanity Fairs request for comment about the Twitter account, nor have reps for Lohan and Hilton. While theres a speck of possibility that this reboot could be real, it seems more likely that this is some sort of digital hoax—a simple ruse drummed up to show us how easy it is to fabricate buzz about a reRead More – Source

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