Asked what else she thought of her Emmy nomination, OHara longed for her characters actorly self-importance. “Boy, that is a question that Moira would have a long answer for—she would have a full speech ready about what she would like the world to know,” she said.

Schitts Creek has been an exciting acting exercise for OHara. “Ive never really played one character for this length of time before. Its nice to have the time to build on it, or on that person, and make them more and more believable,” she said, explaining, “I just keep drawing on people Ive met…imagining the rest of their life and where they came from.” She also relishes finding new words for Moira to wrestle with in her pronounced mid-Atlantic accent. Of the constantly evolving Moira, she added, “I love people who try to reinvent themselves. I think thats funny and kind of sweet. And Moira has definitely tried to reinvent herself over and over.”

As for whether OHara will prepare a speech—in the event that she bests fellow nominees Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Christina Applegate, Rachel Brosnahan, and Natasha Lyonne—the actor answered affirmatively: “Even if youre going to lose, you have to.” OHara—who was also Emmy nominated in 2010 for her supporting role in Temple Grandin—said that she never gets upset about losing in a particular category, per se. “In my brief history of being nominated for things, I find that Ill work on a speech, and then Ill really only regret not being able to do the bit that I wrote. More than regretting not winning, you know? If you think youve come up with a good bit, then youre thinking, Aw, shoot, I didnt get to do that. Its not so much about losing as not doing the bit.” (For the record, OHara clarified: “By the way, Im not counting on winning. I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a great chance.”)

So please, Emmy producers and voters, for the sake of at-home audiences everywhere, can OHara please make it onstage September 19? If not as a category winner, aRead More – Source

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