Leah has been supporting Irene (Picture: Channel 5)

Irene (Lynne McGranger) has been continuing to avoid work, but its becoming harder for Leah (Ada Nicodemou) to come up with excuses. She encourages Irene to tell her side of the story now the truth is coming out about Tommy (Adam Sollis), but all Irene wants to do is hide – especially with the local newspaper painting Tommys attacker as such a villain.

Leah explains Irenes behaviour to Justin (James Stewart), and he understands why Irene doesnt want people to know about it – she nearly beat Tommy to death! However, when Leah gets defensive, Justin senses theres more to the story, and Leah swears him to secrecy before explaining Irenes backstory.

Justin tells Leah that Irene needs to get help or it will only get worse. Leah reacts by calling the local newspaper and telling them to find out the rest of the story. Later on, Leah announces the paper has updated the story to include that he tried to assault underage girls. While Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Leah think this is good news for Irene, all she can do is shut down and hide in her room to cry.

Irene, Leah and Marilyn at the Diner
Irene, Leah and Marilyn work at the Diner together (Picture: Channel 5)

As Irene continues to shut people out, Marilyn (Emily Symons) becomes convinced that something serious is going on with her friend. She goes to visit her, despite Leahs attempts to stop her. Marilyn tries to find out whats happening so she can help, but Irene cant bear for anyone else to know what she did.



Marilyn keeps pushing until Irene flares up with anger, ordering her to stop sticking her nose where it doesnt belong and get out. Consumed with guilt once shes alone, Irene struggles not to open a bottle of vodka. Leah returns to the house to check on her – and she hastily puts the bottle away. Is Irene about to go back down a dangerous path?

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