SAN JOSE — San Jose firefighters swiftly doused a small blaze that had erupted adjacent to the old downtown Post Office that was built during the Great Depression.

The fire was started by a transient in a tunnel that runs beneath the structure alongside West St. John Street in downtown San Jose, according to a fire official on the scene.

Emergency crews were on the scene of the small fire by 7 p.m., according to Fire Department radio channels.

The transient who started the fire was transported to a hospital, a fire official said.

The old Post Office, located at 105 N. First St., was built in 1933 and still serves as a U.S. Postal Service facility today. Ralph Wyckoff, a Bay Area architect and Watsonville native, designed the downtown Post Office. The post offices architectural mode is described as “Spanish Colonial Revival Style with Rococo detailing,” according to a 2016 San Jose city memo.

The blaze marked the second notable incident in downtown San Jose on the same day.

Hours earlier, at least 100 emergency workers responded to the Fairmont Hotel a few blocks away in response to a womans suicide in one of the rooms of the posh hotel.Read More – Source