Brian continues to make Neil feel awkward by trying to explain the confusion over their sex life – but Neils had enough. Who can blame him? Brian and Neil are not the most natural of friends – and this level of intimacy is way out of Neils comfort zone.

Neils saved by the bell when Emma appears and almost blows them both to Borchester with her sighing.

Adam and Kate are squabbling about Peggys shortlist. Jenny tries to stop them – then chucks them out of her kitchen when that fails. Brian says if shes such a good agony aunt, why cant she sort it out? Fair point Wendy!

Hannah is back with full force, proving she has all the empathy of an old tractor as she tears into Emma about the Beechwood home. Shes still furious Emma got on the list and she didnt – and still suspects Neil of giving her a leg-up by having a word with Justin.



And now the home has been reallocated – and Hannah didnt get a look in.

Neil follows old vinegar tits to Berrow Farm to tell her she cant talk to Emma like that – but Hannah is totally unrepentant – she can say what she likes outside of work.

Someone really ought to tell Hannah thats not how polite society works, but then Hannah couldnt really care less about polite society.

Quite manipulatively, she says she hasnt brought this dispute into the workplace so neither should Neil – but in reality, she has. Neil is her boss. She has verbally attacked his daughter more than once, accused him of lying over the Beechwood homes, accused him of cheating the new homes waiting list. And a lot of that went on at Berrow. How is that conducive to a good working relationship?

Hannahs a nasty piece of work who hasnt been cheerful since she lost Tom to No-casha. Even then it was down to her being a nasty cow. If shed gone to the Nuffield Trust black tie do with Tom when he asked instead of being rude and dismissive and acting like she just wanted him for bunk-ups, who knows how things might have ended up.

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Jenny, aka Wise Words With Wendy, is full of advice for Kate to help her with Jakob – Jennys dishing out top tips and Kates writing them down – but Brian thinks the pair of them are ridiculous.

Its a date, not a job interview! he rails.



That lightness of touch comes to a rapid end towards the final part of the week when Wills recent emotional decline reaches its peak.

Wills breakdown has been well done by the script writers – the growing desperation, the anger, the fear hell lose Poppy – now he has reached his wits end.

Emma goes to Wills to apologise about the things she said to him earlier in the week when he tried to kiss her – only to find him loading a gun.

Since Bev took Poppy – she told Will he needed a break after finding out hed been taking her to work and to A&E constantly – he says he has nothing left.

Eddies determined to go in – they wont get the gun off him over the phone. “Its your old dad!”, he says, gently, trying to get him to put the shotgun down.

Will is furious Eds come over with his dad and sends him out. Eddie reasons with Will, telling him to keep the gun pointed at the ceiling.

He wants his old life back, he says – Poppy, Jake, Mia. Hes terrified of losing Poppy and says he has nothing left to live for.

Outside, Emma (you could say with terrible timing) tells Ed that Will tried to kiss her – Eds seething and barges into the house just as Eddie getRead More – Source