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Coronation Street has confirmed Sinead Tinkers (Katie McGlynn) exit storyline will sadly be her losing her battle with cancer but before that, Sinead and Daniel Osbournes (Rob Mallard) surprise wedding joy will be destroyed when they learn Sineads cancer has returned.

Sinead orders an unsuspecting Daniel to meet her in the bistro for lunch. But in a bid to avoid Bethany (Lucy Fallon) after they nearly kissed, Daniel announces hes decided to take Bertie out for the day. Knowing what Sineads plans are, Bethany tells Daniel that for Sineads sake, he has to turn up at the bistro.

Arriving for lunch, hes taken aback to see Sinead waiting in her wedding dress. Daniel hugs Sinead, very much in love. As Beth (Lisa George) helps Sinead do her hair, shes horrified to discover a lump on Sineads neck.

After Sinead breaks the news to Daniel, he is shocked but Sinead implores him to bury his fears and enjoy the day. As they cut the cake and everyone cheers Daniel is overcome and rushes out. Bethany finds him but Daniel refuses to talk and after returning to make an emotional speech, Daniel and Sinead dance through their tears.



Having been to the hospital for a scan Daniel suggests a mini-moon to Sinead to take their minds off the results. Determined to remain upbeat she tells him to book it. As Daniel opens up to Bethany about his fears over the lump, Sinead takes a call from the hospitaRead More – Source