The U.S. Coast Guard is on a search and rescue mission for four missing crew members of a cargo ship that completely flipped over off the shores of Georgia.

The 656-foot long vessel — which was carrying a bunch of vehicles and leaving a major port near Brunswick, GA very early Sunday AM — was said to be tipping to its left side shortly after it started moving. Eventually, it completely capsized, and the CG was dispatched.

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Reports say that a fire broke out on-board after it started tipping over, but eventually the billowing smoke ceased. Of the 23 crew members and one pilot on the ship, all but 4 have been accounted for so far, according to the military branch. Their search continues.

It's unclear at this point what exactly caused the cargo ship to begin to tip in the first place — and the Coast Guard won't say definitively if Hurricane Dorian had anything to do with it.

It'd be strange if Dorian did affect tRead More – Source