Justin desperately wants to help Raffy (Picture: Channel 5)

The sudden lack of CBD oil for Raffys (Olivia Deeble) condition has had an impact on all of the Morgans – particularly Justin (James Stewart), who feels like theres nothing he can do for his little sister. Mason (Orpheus Pledger) notices him struggling in the surf and flags him down, wondering whats up. Justin reveals that hes worried about Raffys future, now she has no way of effectively managing her epilepsy.

Mason says that Raffy must be finding it hard, but shes strong and will get through it. Leah (Ada Nicodemou) also believes this, but this doesnt stop Justin from worrying. When Justin tries to reassure Raffy about her exams, she ends up lashing out at him, leaving him feeling even more impotent.

When Raffy ends up struggling with her exams, theres little anyone can do to comfort her, and Justin fails to boost her spirits. He storms home and tells Mason hes going to make Raffys CBD oil himself. A stunned Mason tries to get him to see sense, reminding him that he himself nearly faced jail for the same thing not too long ago, but Justin is desperate to do anything that could help Raffy.

Leah and Justin talk
Leah begs Justin not to make the CBD oil himself (Picture: Channel 5)

Mason heads to the Diner to tell Leah about Justins decision, and she goes to the house to find him researching CBD oil production. Ignoring Masons points about how he lacks the knowledge or experience to make it himself, hes determined to try. He ignores Leahs words about how he could get arrested and continues to research the process.



Leah tries to reason with Justin, telling him that there are other ways to help Raffy, but Justins emotions reach a head and he pushes her away. He blurts out that shes as useless as he is and tells her to leave. As Leah walks away from the house, shes left deeply worried about his state of mind. Is Justin about to break the law?

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