Red wine has long been touted as a healthy indulgence thats good for the ticker. White wine, on the other hand, doesnt get nearly as many pats on the back as its sibling does. While red wine has been the subject of study for its health benefits over the years, white wine hasnt gotten as many looks.

However, research is beginning to show that white wine has plenty to offer as well. So, if you prefer chardonnay to merlot, youre in luck. You dont need to eschew white wine in the name of health. Here are some benefits you can get from white wine.

Weight loss[hhmc]

White wine can be part of a good weight loss plan, so long as you dont go overboard. While you are planning your caloric intake, you can allot some to white wine and still have success. Researchers studied overweight and obese subjects on a 1,500 calorie per day diet. With white wine taking up 10 percent of those calories, the subjects experienced significant weight loss. The caveat here is that all of the participants were used to drinking alcohol moderately, so new drinkers might not experience the same results.

Heart health[hhmc]

Red wine has been linked to heart health for some time, but white wine is a somewhat new contender. As it turns out, white wine could help keep your heart healthy as well. A recent study found that red wine and white wine lowered LDL cholesterol levels in participants after one year. While wine consumption was associated with lower levels of this bad cholesterol, it did not raise levels of good cholesterol or HDL. So, while white wine and red wine can both provide some benefits for your heart, dont count on vino to keep your heart healthy on its own.


The phenols in wine are their special sauce, if you will. They get the credit for cardiovascular benefits and might even help prevent cancer. Red wines have higher phenolic content than white wines, which is why red wine usually gets all the fanfare. When it comes to antioxidants, though, white wine lovers can toot the horn of their favorite drink. Phenols in white wine have the same or higher antioxidant capacity as red wine.

Benefit in moderation[hhmc]

All the health benefits in the world of white wine dont do much good if you drink too much of it. While a small amoRead More – Source