Two things shocked me when I met Kim Kardashian. First, she's probably the nicest celebrity I've ever interviewed (She called me boo during the interview and, no, I'm still not over it). Secondly, it's evident that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star knows A LOT about shapewear. I had a chance to go look at her new solutionswear collection SKIMS in person and I was excited to see if it could give other brands like Spanx a run for its money.

When I got to the preview, we saw her walk into the opposite room for a quick makeup touchup. She said a quick "Hi guys!" as she passed by and we all thought that's the last we'd see of her. Fast forward to 15 minutes later, she came back into the room and ended up chatting with us all for over 40 minutes! (For reference, celebrity interviews typically last between five to ten minutes so you can see why I'm surprised.) The same way fine tailoring can make and break an outfit for most people, I learned that finding the perfect shapewear is what makes all the difference to Kim. After talking with the starlet, it started to make sense why the Kim knows so much about shapewear. After all, she has been wearing it for years now and she considers it part of her daily wear.

"I use my shapewear as my lining, my slip. After I had kids, I would double up — I don't think I'd have to do that now. But, I'm also the type that when I see really bad pictures of me in a bikini and see cellulite, I'll think, 'Okay, I'm finding a bodybuilder to work me out and really tighten me up." Body confidence for me is