The artist and activist Ai Weiwei took part in a protest at Munichs Haus der Kunst on 14 September in support of employees campaigning to keep their jobs in the face of cost cuts resulting from the museums financial woes.

Ai tweeted that the protest secured a promise from Bernhard Spies, the Haus der Kunst business director, that no workers will be laid off. He disputed reports that he had been ejected from the museum because the workers had not notified its management in advance about their protest. Local media reported that Haus der Kunst security personnel had organised the protest, in which Ai was to tear admission tickets and welcome visitors as they entered.

“The fact is no one ever threw me out,” Ai wrote on Twitter. “We left after the end of the protest. NB: I have never been thrown out by anyone and Im sure there will be a time to come.”

Spies was enlisted to help turn around the Haus der Kunsts finances in 2018, and cancelled exhibitions planned for last year, including a Joan Jonas show. Ten years ago, Ais work was the subject of a major exhibition there, in which he covered the façade with 9,000 backpacks to commemorate the children who peRead More – Source