Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a lot to learn about living in Wyoming — where the deer and the antelope play … but they can't play with Ye.

The couple was issued a slight scolding over a video Kim posted last weekend, in which it appears Kanye's taking them for an ATV ride across the range … as he chases some pronghorns, aka American antelope.

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At one point it sounds like Kim shouts, "I think you're scaring them!!!" … and she's probably right … which is why there are laws against it.

A spokesperson for the Wyoming Game & Fish Dept. tells TMZ … State laws prohibit this type of animal harassment. We're told the department was made aware of Kim's video and paid a visit to the manager of Kanye's new ranch to make everyone is aware of the rules pertaining to wildlife.

We spoke with a source close to the couple who tell us they were simply cruising along when the animals came running by … Kim and Kanye came to a slow soon after the vid and let the pronghorns on their way. We're told it wasn't a chase … and they never disturbed the animals.

The good news for Kanye and Kim … this can simply be considered a lesson learned. We're told no formal complaint was filed against them — only angry calls — so there's currently no investigation into the incident.

If there were, the couple could get sRead More – Source