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Think wrestling is a bunch of phony hogwash?? Gather 'round, naysayers, 'cause it's "?HORRIFYING REAL INJURY STORYTIME ?" … starring WWE superstar Xavier Woods!!

The story lines may be scripted … but The New Day member tells TMZ Sports he once had a REAL gnarly injury experience … and it involves his teeth making contact with a foot.

"One time, I got kicked in the face and my 2 front teeth flattened up against the top of my mouth and it broke my gum in half."

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Umm … OUCH?!

What's crazy about all this … is Woods says he wanted to keep wrestling after it happened, but he was warned, "You're gonna bleed everywhere!!"

As if this story wasn't cringe enough … here's what happened after.

"The doctor had to put her foot on the armrest of the chair, put her fingers up underneath my teeth and just pull them back into place beRead More – Source