A nice day in the countryside ruined by Evil Evan (Picture: BBC)

Tonights Holby City is a complete nail-biter, as Evil Evan (Jack Ryder) follows Chloe (Amy Lennox) to the remote country cottage shes supposed to be recuperating in. The episode starts with some ominous scenes of the deserted cottage, with bloodstained hand-prints on the walls. Its scary and sinister – what could have happened?

The action moves back in time to Chloe driving to the cottage and arriving there on a beautiful sunny day. Shes miles from nowhere, completely isolated and apparently happy – but the tension ratchets up despite the sunshine and shes soon feeling uneasy. Shes not the only one! We know that Evan has been tracking Chloes car, but where is he and whats he planning? Youll be on the edge of your seat…

Back at Holby, Evans ex, Sophie (Sally Scott), is rushed into Darwin in a bad way. Is this anything to do with Evan? Sophie seems terrified – but a concerned Nicky (Belinda Owusu) doesnt immediately make the connection between Sophie and Evan. Will she work it out in time to help Chloe?



Meanwhile, Cameron (Nic Jackman) wants Ric (Hugh Quarshie) to take a dementia test, but there are more pressing concerns when Darla (Naomi Katiyo)s condition deteriorates and she needs emergency surgery. Ange (Dawn Steele) is called on to do the delicate procedure, but will she be distracted by worries about Chloe? And Cameron (Nic Jackman) is also struggling to concentrate after getting some bad news. Things are looking very dicey for Darla – and a worried Rics own health suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

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