Prom night was not only the most anticlimactic experience of my high school career (my evening was, admittedly, very boring), but it was also the last time I had gotten acrylic nails until very recently. I'd asked my manicurist for a full set with french tips . . . and that is all I remember of the beauty treatment.

I was recently inspired to get nail extensions because of the looks I'd been seeing on Instagram — particularly Kylie Jenner's recent looks by her go-to artist, Chaun Legend. I decided to get my first set of acrylics in almost a decade at the very salon that many of the Kardashian-Jenners have gone to for their manicures: Modern Pamper Salon in Los Angeles.

It came with a few hesitations. They were mostly concerns I had surrounding how much the process would damage my nails and how the actual nails would make parts of my everyday routine harder.

Now that I have the manicure, there are a few things I wish I'd known before going through the experience.

  1. Parts of my routine that I thought would be difficult with tips on (like working out with free weights or, erm, using the restroom) didn&#03Read More – Source